Mochi Girl – Japan Street Photography

The past few months have been crazy. All I've done really is work which has left me with very little time to shoot photography.

I'm still trying to find that perfect balance between posting photography and camera news which is tricky. Posting tutorials and news is more friendly to Google which gets my site more views. Which is a good thing. I've tripled my viewership in the last two months. However, I've noticed people don't come back as often when I'm not posting photos regularly as there are a million camera news blogs out there. 

So in an effort to make my front page more interesting to those who just love photography, I've decided to go back and start posting all my street photography until my blog grows to the point where I can make a living from it. Which hopefully will be soon. Then things will get crazy!

So hopefully now I'll have an interesting blend between HDR, Landscape and Street photography. 

Mochi Girl – Tokyo Japan

Tokyo Girl preparing mochi balls. Shot with the Sony A7r with the Zeiss 35mm Sonar lens. An amazing combo for travel and street photography and was the bread and butter for most of my trip to Japan this year.

Japan is known for its rich culture, hospitality and food. Stands like this are all over the cities and the food is amazing. Here they are preparing Mochi.


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