Metabones Mark IV Lens Mount Adapter Improved Performance

Metabones EF to E Lens Mount Adapter ReviewMetabones earlier this year released its Mark IV version of the Lens Mount Adapter.

These adapters allow you to use your Canon or Nikon lenses on your Sony E mount bodies with full aperture control.

The previous Mark III version of the adapter had a lot of problems with many Canon lenses. The new adapter has many new improvements to consider and a lot of new lenses added to its compatibility list. 

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List Of Some New Features

– New bigger Inner hole is painted with a matte coating to cut down on any light reflections. A problem Tilt-Shift photographers were having.

– Better performance with the 32-bit processor allowing for more effective mode switching and power saving.

– Tripod foot is detachable and compatible with Arca Swiss, Markins, Photo cam ball heads. 

– Wide open button for depth of field previewing. 

Note To Buyers

I've had a lot of problems with my Metabones Mark III adapter since the day I got it. Random power offs and lens compatibility issues. Hopefully this new version addresses all these problems and I've heard a few photographers already praise the new performance.

Although the adapter does have a 1 year warranty, you have to ship it to Hong Kong for service. From California that costs $35 dollars to ship it there and $35 to ship it back. So to get it serviced it will cost you $70 dollars. Not really worth it on an adapter with a $300-$400 dollar price tag.

When you get your adapter make sure it's absolutely perfect before your 30 day Amazon return policy expires. That was the mistake I made. I started shooting a web series with my camera immediately, then went out of town for a week knowing my adapter was having problems. Don't make this mistake.

Sample Photos With The Metabones EF to E Lens Mount Adapter MKIII

Fire Cave – Valley Of Fire Nevada – Sony A7r + Metabones Mkiii + Canon 16-35mm f2.8L II

Sun setting at the rice field terrace of Saga Japan.

Rice Field Terraces Japan – Sony A7r + Metabones Mkiii + Canon 16-35mm f2.8L II


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