Fuji X100T Gariz Half-Case Review

FujiFilm X100T Gariz Half-Case

Over the last few months I’ve been on the hunt for a good leather case for my X100T. My concern has been if the slimmer camera design would be an issue in these cases designed for the X100 or X100s. So as an experiment I decided to grab the Gariz, it seemed like the best option since it has a solid base which allows for a tripod mount.

Here is a link to the case I ordered.

Gariz Genuine Leather BL-X100BK – (Amazon)


Fuji X100T Gariz Leather Half-Case Review

The Gariz half-case actually fits the X100T perfect. You would think they designed it specifically for this camera. It fits very snug and provides that extra protection to your camera. I also own a few of there wrist straps. Really good quality and I recommend them. 


Fujifilm X100T Gariz Sample Images

Some quick pics so you can see the fitting. It’s as snug as a bug.

Focus Switch

LCD Screen Fitting

Left Side Focus Adjust Switch

Right Side HDMI & USB Ports

Front Stitching

FujiFilm X100T Gariz Half-Case

Bottom battery compartment and tripod mount

Top stitching and fitting

Base stitching and tripod mount


Fuji X100T Gariz Cons

Only few minor negatives I’ve discovered.

-You have to loosen the case slightly to be able to take the battery out. The battery tray will open, but not far enough to be able to slide the battery out. Not a big deal since I don’t need to change batteries often, but it is an area Gariz could improve. 

-It would also be nice to be able to access all the ports on the left side of the camera. Like HDMI and USB. It would be nice to be able to charge my battery in camera without removing the case. 

-I also wish the leather would come slightly further up on the camera so that it’s near flush to the camera strap mounts. It would provide slightly more grip I think.


Although I sort of ordered this case as an experiment, I’m actually very happy to have it. It’s absolutely worth it. My camera has already taken a slight beating so it’s nice having that extra peace of mind knowing it’s that much more protected. I’ll still keep my eyes out for other cases but the hard base on the the Gariz with the Fujifilm X100T is a solid combo and will be hard to beat.

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