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A Stroll Through Santa Monica | A7rII + Helios

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In the very little free time I have these days, I’ve been still trying to go out and shoot at least on the weekends or between jobs. Finding time to actually process the photos is a whole different story.

For this set my wife and our little one took a stroll down to Santa Monica with my Sony A7rII and a Helios 44M-2.

The Sony 50mm f1.8 – Wow!

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There has been something I think all Sony shooters have been waiting a long time for and it’s not more megapixels.

Sunset Over Palm Springs & An Annoying A7rII

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I pulled out my ol Sony A7rII again. I had to take a break from it for awhile and focus on some of my Fujifilm lens reviews. You know, I never did a full review on the Sony A7r II. Weird right? But there is a good reason . . . I don’t really love it. And because I don’t love it, it’s hard for me to get excited enough about it to spend the time reviewing it. It’s almost a super cool camera, almost, but there are a few things that really bother me.

Road To Mono Lake – Sony A7rII

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Road To Mono Lake

Sony A7rII / Sony 16-35mm f4 – ISO 100, f5, (4s, 15s, 30s)

It might seem like I’ve been shooting a lot with Fujifilm, but that doesn’t mean I’ve given up on my Sony A7rII.

I actually still love my Sony, but because of the larger sensor with a ton of megapixels and larger files sizes, it’s become my special occasions camera. Mainly my landscape photography camera and it especially shines after the sun has set when you’re on the edge of complete darkness. Like with this shot.

There was only a sliver of light and it seemed the colors were all but gone. But after a thirty second exposure, the colors just exploded. And that’s where the Sony A7rII out shines any other camera out there.

Sony A7rII / A7sII New Firmware – XAVC Recording with SDHC Cards

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Sony has issued a new firmware for the Sony A7rII and A7sII that will now allow XAVS S video to be recording on SDHC memory cards.

Before you had to have SDXC memory cards, or memory cards larger than 64GB to record XAVC or 4k video on Sony cameras.

I’ve seen people trick their cameras into using SDHC memory cards before so it was always plausible that this feature could work.

Sony cameras are notoriously bad at dealing with memory cards and what update tells us is that Sony is finally looking at the way their cameras interface with memory cards and improving upon them.

Hopefully there are more improvements behind the scenes that fix the compatibility issues Sony cameras randomly have with memory cards, figures crossed. Update: It does not.

This could also mean we’ll see this same update roll out into all of Sony’s other 4k cameras.

Firmware Release Notes

See the official firmware notes


Download Firmware

Sony A7rII / ILCE-7RM2: Firmware 3.20

Sony A7sII / ILCE-7SM2: Firmware 2.10

Sony E-Mount Ultra Wide Lens Comparison

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I’m still working on Samyang vs Voigtlander vs Sony ultra wide lens comparison and want to make it really good but that takes time and I’ve been busy. There are

Using The Sony A7r II – Is It A Great Camera?

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As part of my Voigtlander 35mm f1.7 review, I took a stroll down to the Walt Disney Concert Hall to get some test shots.

Actually the truth is, the Japanese Consulate is right there and I had to bring my half Japanese daughter there to get some paper work done. I paid for two hours of parking so took the rest of that time to shoot. 

This was my first chance to really use my Sony A7r II for something other than landscape work. Usually, or I should say, always when I go and just shoot for fun, I take a Fujifilm with me. They’re just more fun to use and you can actually shoot JPEG with them with great results, so post processing isn’t as heavy.

But I do still like my Sony and wanted to share some thoughts.

The Ultimate Sony A7r II Video Guide

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Sony A7r II Video Guide

It’s finally here. The Sony A7r II Video Guide!

Shooting video is a complicated task and shooting video on the Sony A7r II is even more complicated. There are so many functions and settings that have to all work in unison in order to get great video, that I’ve decided to make a dedicated video guide just for the Sony A7r II.

This guide is just a start, but it should set you up with a solid understanding on how you can use your Sony A7r II to shoot great video. Or at the least, it should help you avoid some painful mistakes.

Voigtlander 35mm f1.7 Ultron Review

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The Voigtlander 35mm f1.7 is a great lens for those who want something relatively compact, without having to sacrifice amazing image quality. It’s not the smallest 35mm lens you can buy, but it’s not the biggest either. It’s in that sweet spot. And while there are faster lenses out there, the f1.7 is still a great place to be at, especially for a lens this size.

See the full review.

Sony 16-35mm F4 FE T* Lens Review & Sample Photos

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I hate that I didn’t buy this lens sooner. It’s a perfect match for the Sony A7(r)(s) II series of cameras both old and new and I’m absolutely in love with it.

The lens is only F4, but I would like to think a lens like this would be used mostly by landscape or architecture photographers where wider apertures would not really be needed. But for those occasions when you do need the lens in low light and are going handheld, the OSS saves the day.

There are a lot of things I love about this lens, and very few things I don’t like, making this lens one of my favorite, go-to lenses with the Sony A7r II.