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Aurora HDR 2019 Review

When I first started using Aurora back in 2017 it really felt like the beginning of something awesome. Like the baby alien that just burst out of Kanes chest in the first Alien movie, it took off running doing all these mysterious things behind the scenes.

The little creature continued to grow while occasionally popping out for an update here and there. It was exciting and still powerful, but we only got to see hints of what this beast would become. Finally, with the launch of Aurora HDR 2019, it’s true form has been revealed as the perfect landscape devouring monster.

Premiere Pro Tip: How To Create And Edit With Proxies

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If you’re struggling to play 4k footage, don’t have a very fast computer or you don’t have a very fast hard drive, then you might want to consider using Proxies in Premiere Pro.

Adobe introduced Proxy editing in Premiere Pro a few years ago and I’ve been using it quite a bit to edit 4k video, or even 1080p video from huge projects.

Here is a quick guide showing you how to take advantage of Proxy editing in Premiere Pro.

Macphun Luminar Review | You Don’t Want To Miss This One

I’ve spent years learning all the crazy tricks in Photoshop for Landscape photography, building actions, buying plugins, etc. Then Macphun comes around and simplifies all that complicated workflow with a couple of sliders and a handful of filters. Brilliant!

Photomatix Pro Review and Sample Photos

Sample HDR Photo of the Kiyomizu Dera Temple in Japan

Photomatix Pro is a software designed to create stunning HDR Photography by taking several photos captured at various exposures and combining them together into a single HDR image. 

Color Efex Pro Review

Nik Color Efex Pro Review


This review covers one of my favorite photo editing programs in the Nik Collection. A software collection that gives you quick and easy control of photo manipulation without any advanced photo editing knowledge.