First Full Frame Curved Sensor

Sony Curved SensorSony has released an image of the first full frame curved sensor (taken with the worst camera in the world). Likely for the Sony RX2. 

It's awesome watching technology go this way. Currently in cameras like the Sony A7r they use micro lenses on the sensor to compensate the light not hitting the sensor at a direct angle. 

The curve sensor will curve to allow the light to hit straight on, which will help with aberrations and hopefully diffraction. Also, the sensors will be up to 2x more sensitive.

What else is cool? They perfectly match the angle of curvature as the human eye.

Sounds pretty cool although I bet cleaning them will be a bitch when it comes to the interchangeable lens cameras.

Now what I want is a circular curved sensor. The image coming out of the lens is circular, why not create a camera with a sensor to match, then let the photographer crop as they wish? This way it makes no difference if you shoot landscape or vertical

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