Fujifilm MCEX-11 Review & Sample Photos

I’ve always reserved my Fujifilm cameras for the time when I just want to have fun. When I don’t care about specs, speeds, bit rates, fps, 4k or 2k etc, etc, etc. They’re the cameras I keep around as my toys. Besides, let’s be honest, it’s 2015, none of that crap even matters anymore. Even the shittiest camera today is so good compared to what we had to use ten years ago, you have to really suck to not be able to get good pictures with it. 🙂


Macro Baby – XT1 – MCEX-11

To get these shots I was using the Fujifilm XT1 with the MCEX-11 and the Fujinon 56mm f1.2 lens. The standard one, not the one that gets “better bokeh.”

For those that don’t know, the MCEX-11 adapter will convert any lens into a macro lens. It’s a cool little tool, it’s not as good as having a real macro lens, but can let you do fun little projects like this one.

Focusing is extremely tricky with the MCEX-11 adapter. I’ve found I can just work best if I set the focus, then move the camera forward or backwards until the point I want is in focus. Shooting handheld of course. It’s the only way with a squirmy baby.

Most of these were shot at f5. ISO was set to auto as was shutter speed. 

I shot RAW and used the F – Fuji FP-3000b VSCO B&W preset in the VSCO Film 03 Pro pack.

This little munchkin is growing so fast I really need to do more stuff like this before it’s too late.


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