Lemons To Lemonaid With HDR Photography

Although some people would disagree with the title, HDR photography for me has always been a great way to turn some not so interesting scenes into something with a little life.

Having Fun With HDR Photography

As with many HDR and Landscape photographers I always strive to take the best possible landscape with the most amazing weather conditions possible. But anyone who shoots landscapes knows that it's extremely rare to go to the location planned and for it to give us what we want the first time there. Most of the time you'll get rained out, overcast or it's simply boring. That's when HDR photography comes in.

In this last week I've been in Hawaii, and although I've had the most amazing sunsets consistently I've ever seen in my life (lucky me), my last few days in Ohau have been dull. This has allowed me to break away from doing paradise landscape style photography and start shooting more around town which has been very good and rewarding.

I know there is this bipolar response to HDR photography, some photographers love it, some hate it, but I recommend everyone at least try it, and get good at it. It's the bad HDR photography that gives it the bad reputation.

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Oahu Palms

HDR Photo of some of the beautiful Palm Trees that line the beaches of Oahu.

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Camera: Sony A7r
Lens: Canon 16-35mm f2.8L II @ f/13

Oahu Park

A beautiful park beneath the mountains of Oahu.

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Camera: Sony A7r
Lens: Canon 16-35mm f2.8L II @ f/13


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