Maximus Shopilius

This shot is from Las Vegas on the Strip. I went up there for a day and it was Hot! Driving out there it was 120 degrees at times. The A/C quit working for a little bit then mysteriously started working again. And on the way back the idler pully broke destroying one of the belts. You know what sucks worst than the A/C not working in 115 degree heat? Yep. A car breaking down. It took two hours to get a tow truck while we sat, broken down under the only tree near Primm. Not fun. I'm just so glad I brought a ton of water. What an adventure.

I have a few other fun Las Vegas shots that I'll post soon. I've been playing around with the all the amazing HDR features you can get out of the Magic Lantern firmware on the Canon cameras. I've been shooting a lot with 5 shots at +-1.5EV It's been working really great. I've found going to +-2EV at 5 exposures is usually overkill for most situations. The brightest shot will just be almost all white, and the darkest almost black. But in some dynamic sunsets it works fine. 

Today's HDR Photo – Maximus Shopilius

Maximus ShopiliusLocated on the Las Vegas Strip at Caesars Palace.


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