Rainbow Bridge Long Beach – XT1

I haven’t been spending enough time with my Fujinon 10-24mm since it got back from repair. It really is a fun lens to use, especially for landscapes. My only gripe is who ever repaired it left a giant piece of dust on the inside of the rear element that screams at me when shooting anything over f11. I’m so tempted to open the thing up and remove it, but I guess I shouldn’t. 

I actually shot on this night with the Sony A7r II as well as the XT1. I might post some of those A7r II shots later but this XT1 shot just called out to me, the colors are a lot nice for obvious reason (It Fujifilm). One crazy thing about one of the Sony A7r II shots was you could actually read the letters on the street sign between that crack in the bridge. It’s unbelievable the resolution you can achieve. But for the sake of shooting for this blog and occasionally making smaller prints, I’m very happy with what you can do with the Fujifilm APS-C system and it has become my primary camera system. I just wish it could auto bracket more than one stop.


Rainbow Bridge – XT1

For processing, I used Photomatix to get the initial look, then did some extra exposure blending and enhancements in Photoshop. Nothing too complicated, the RAW’s already looked great. 

Rainbow Bridge

Location: Long Beach California
Camera: Fujifilm XT1
Lens: Fujinon 10mm-24m f4 @10mm
HDR – ISO 200, f11, 1/3


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