Long Beach

Sony A6300 – One Last Hurrah

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I decided to sell my Sony A6300, but before I could let it go, I had to take it out one final Voyage. So I adapted my 1980s Helios 44M and headed to the long beach aquarium with my family.

Rainbow Bridge – Part 2

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Rainbow Bridge

Fujifilm X-T1. ISO 200, f11, 0.6sec.  + Fujinon10-24mm f4. @ 13mm

Here are a few more shots of the Rainbow Bridge in Long Beach. It’s been such an insanely busy year with the new child that I’ve hardly had time to shoot or even publish photos I’ve been taking.

I shot these with the Fuji X-T1 and the 10-24mm lens. It’s not the sharpest lens by Fujifilm but it is the widest. I kind of hope they start making us some nice ultra wide primes especially if the X-Pro 2 has 20+ megapixels. We’ll need it and then I can actually start using Fujfilm for some bigger landscape prints. 

I’ve also picked up a few new lenses from Fujifilm. The 35mm f2 and the 27mm f1.4. Both are amazing lenses. The 35mm finally feels like a modern lens with the Canon-esque build quality, It doesn’t rattle or clunk when focusing or even have an incredibly loose aperture ring like most of the other Fujinon lenses. I’ll be posting shots as well as reviews from both of those very soon.

Rainbow Bridge

Fujifilm X-T1. ISO 200, f11, 1.7sec.  + Fujinon10-24mm f4. @ 17mm

Rainbow Bridge Long Beach – XT1

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Rainbow Bridge

I haven’t been spending enough time with my Fujinon 10-24mm since it got back from repair. It really is a fun lens to use, especially for landscapes. My only gripe is who ever repaired it left a giant piece of dust on the inside of the rear element that screams at me when shooting anything over f11. I’m so tempted to open the thing up and remove it, but I guess I probably shouldn’t. 

I actually shot on this night with the Sony A7r II as well as the XT1. I might post some of those A7r II shots later but this XT1 shot just called out to me, the colors are a lot nice for obvious reason (It Fujifilm). One crazy thing about one of the Sony A7r II shots was you could actually read the letters on the street sign between that crack in the bridge. It’s unbelievable the resolution you can achieve. But for the sake of shooting for this blog and vocationally making smaller prints, I’m very happy with what you can do with the Fujifilm APS-C system and it has become my primary camera system. I just wish it could auto bracket more than one stop.

For processing, I used Photomatix to get the initial look, then did some extra exposure blending and enhancements in Photoshop. Nothing too complicated, the RAW’s already looked great.

The Haunted Queen Mary

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The Queen Mary was called the Grey Ghost in WWII. Not because it was haunted but because of its color and the way it smoothly sailed across the water. 

Doesn't it just look haunted? Apparently some 150 ghosts haunt the Queen Mary and a lot of people, I've read up to 49, have died aboard the ship. Personally I don't believe in ghosts but I have experience a lot of very weird phenomena in my life. Like dishes spontaneously exploding in my house, light bulbs exploding randomly, and speakers talking even when not plugged, to name a few.

But, I still refuse to believe in ghosts until I'm with a group of several people and we all face to face with one in a well ventilated area. I don't like to believe in things until I witness them with affirmation. The earth is a conductor of acoustical residence, so a lot of strange and unexplained things can come from it. As well as our minds tripping out from various gas leaks that are natural and unnatural. 

Haunted Queen Mary Long Beach California

This is a three shot HDR image processed in Lighroom 4 and Photomatix. 

Queen Mary with the Canon 40mm Pancake

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The Queen Mary during the 4th of July fireworks show. About 30 minutes after the show was over they set of another brief round of fireworks that I was able

Long Beach Bridge – California

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Long Beach is a very photogenic coastal city in Southern California. This is a HDR shot from under the Long Beach Bridge near the Queen Mary. The bridge is actually very

Long Beach Harbor

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A place to check out if you come to Los Angeles would be the Long Beach harbor. They've done a great job in keeping it clean and entertaining. This is a shot from the part of the harbor. In this area are a lot of restaurants, the Queen Mary and the Long Beach Aquarium. I shot this photo on the 4th of July before the firework show at the Queen Mary. One thing I love about photos like this one, is that behind me are probably about 400-500 people all sitting waiting for the fireworks. You'd never know from looking at this though. 

I shot this on the amazing Canon 70-200mm f2.8L USM IS II and used a 3 shot bracketed HDR post processing. What is HDR? check it out here.

4th of July Fireworks – Queen Mary

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This 4th of July I went to Long Beach CA to shoot the firework show at the Queen Mary. 

Shooting fireworks can be tricky but really isn't that hard. It's important to shoot with a fairly stopped down aperture and a slow shutter speed.  Most of these photos were shot at around an f/16 with a shutter between 10-30 seconds.  For these photos I also shot with a bracketing of 3 photos at two stops. Camera was set to aperture priority. This gave me three shot all with slightly different shutter speeds for more variety. 

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