Shores of Laguna

A rare and beautiful sunset at the unique shores of Laguna Beach. I remember coming to these beaches when I was a kid to skim board along the beach breaks. I feel like no other place in Southern California has waves and beaches quite like these. It's such an awesome place with a unique Southern California Vibe.

For the last few weeks I've been really observing and studying the great works of other Landscape Photographers. Trying to figure out what makes a great landscape photo. What I've noticed is the great photos don't often have a lot of post work done to them. They really are simply a capture of the perfect place at the perfect time. I've noticed a lot of guys will actually plan and scout out locations for the right time of year. Then travel there and return to the same spot for several days until the weather is perfect. I unfortunately have a job, so like many hobbyists photographers, we just have to be opportunist and take what we get. It's been working for the most part and we occasionally get lucky. I just wish I could get out shooting more.

Today's HDR Photo – Shores of Laguna

Laguna Beach ShoresOne of the beautiful and unique shores at Laguna Beach during a rare and vibrant sunset. Taken with three separate exposures and combined into one to bring out all the detail and color of the scene.Visit for more about my photography.



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