Cosmopolitan Lobby

I'm Back! I've been busy these last few weeks with being sick and overhauling my website. Unfortunately, I can't work full time, design my website and post photos all at the same time. Hope you like the new look. I still have a few things planned for it that shouldn't take too much longer. Still working on version 2 of my Lightroom presets as well. Those are getting really cool. 

The Cosmopolitan Lobby

Last time I was in Vegas I stopped by the Cosmopolitan Lobby while I was exploring the hotel. I've never noticed it before but these pillars actually play various videos that change completely in look and feel. This was was of these kind of high fashion models that appeared to be trapped inside the video. It was a pretty cool an interesting look. 

Cosmopolitan Lobby of Las VegasIn the lobby of the Cosmopolitan Casino of Las vegas there are these pillars that play these various video loops. I never noticed this before but if you stick around long enough they change in look and style completely.


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