Sunset At Pacific Park

It’s not every day we get one of these sunsets in Santa Monica. I’ve shot the Santa Monica Pier many a time but have never seen anything like this before. I’ve actually never seen anything like this before in the many years I’ve been shooting beach photos in Southern California. Only when I lived in Del Mar surfing as a youth I would occasionally catch something like this. But that was before I was really into photography.


Sunset At Pacific Park – Fuji X100T

Want to know something else that’s cool? I shot it on my Fuji X100T. I was originally here to shoot some more tests for my Tamron 15-35mm f2.8 review on the Canon 5Dmkii body. A lens that is really amazing btw. But I was like, “this sucks I’m switching to my Fuji.” So I pulled out my little X100T slapped it on my tripod and the photography gods blessed me. 

It’s not that the 5Dmkii sucks, it doesn’t, it was a legendary camera for its time, but it is old and shooting on the X100T is a lot more fun. Perfect corner and edge detail, amazing sharpness, color and dynamic range, it’s great. And I can almost bet you the X-Trans CMOS II sensor even gives you the same or better visual resolution as the 5Dmkii even though it has fewer pixels. It feels that way anyway.

I’m still working on a full write-up on the X-Trans CMOS II sensor that I’ll be posting soon. So far I’m discovering that it’s one the most advance sensors out there.

Sunset at the Pacific Park. Santa Monica, California.

Location: Santa Monica Pier, California
Camera: Fuji X100T
ISO: 200, f/11, 0.6sec


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