Lensmate FujiX100T Thumbrest Review

Fuji X100T with Lensmate thumbrest and soft release button.

The Lensmate Fuji X100T Thumbrest has arrived and I thought I would take a few photos of what the black version looks like and share with you my experiences using it.


Lensmate Fuji X100T Thumbrest Review

If you’re a street photographer or just a photography minstrel, then this is a must have item. At least in my opinion. It makes the camera fit in the hand so much better and really helps you become one with your story capturing device. I honestly keep thinking I’m wielding Thor’s hammer with this thing on, that’s how good it is.

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Fuji X100T Thumbrest Silver $59.95 – (Amazon)

Fuji X100T Thumbrest Black $59.95 – (Amazon)


Ok, now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about color. 

The color is not exactly the same as the body. Different material, different texture. It’s an anodized finished so it catches light differently. In some conditions it can almost give it a purple tint but most of the time it looks fine.

I’m sure the Silver edition will not have this problem.

Under the white light of my Einstein strobes the color looks pretty good. Check it out.

Fuji X100T with Lensmate thumbrest & soft release button.

Fuji X100T with Lensmate thumbrest, soft release button, Expert Shield screen protector and Gariz black leather half case.

Fuji X100T with Lensmate thumbrest, soft release button, Fotasy metal filter adapter, Gariz black leather half case and a Gordy's wrist strap.

Look at this sexy little beast!

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