Top Of The Rock

This is another iPhone 5s shot from the Top Of the Rock. There is something strange about this location that I've never delt with before except for at Hearst Castle. They've actually licensed the view from the top of the Rockefeller Center  of New York City! So any image taken from the top of their building, they own!!! How is that even possible? It just seems wrong. I understand now why Peter Lik was shooting his New York Cityscapes from the next building over. That's probably what I'll have to do next time.

They at least let you use it for Creative Commons / Non Commercial purposes. So I'm free to post it and share it, but I just can't hang it in a Gallery. Unbelievable. 

Isn't it kind of weird that paparazzi are free to harass celebrities when they are in public or in view from a public location, but the Rockefeller Center can claim the view of all of New York City to themselves? Something seems wrong here. Why can't celebrities license the view of their face?

iPhone 5s – Top Of The Rock

iPhone 5s - Top Of The Rock


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