Venice Beach Pier – Blue Infinity

This shot is another one from the night I went to Venice Beach. I go to Venice a lot, it’s kind of my get away beach, but the other night I went there specifically to take photos. Might do it again this week sometime since my auto mechanic is down there for my wife’s Saab. We’ll see.

I’ve been really shooting more photos with a 2:1 or even 3:1 crop in mind. This was one of them. It’s not cropped here but I did crop it for my Google+ page. It looks better cropped in my opinion but I figured I wouldn’t crop it for my smugmug portfolio page because someone can just crop it on checkout to suit their needs. I’ve usually only been forcing a crop when there is something in the image I’m not happy with. It’s one of those tough decisions us photographers have to make especially when not shooting Medium Format.

And yes, I use Google+. Not sure what kind of future it has since it seem my followers are going inactive faster than I can get new ones as of late. Seems only to be really useful for those photographers Google blesses into their recommended system where they get 4 million followers in a year, essentially advertising thier presents. The rest of us have to go around and add everyone we see, or engaging in their posts hoping they will follow back and engage in our posts. The interesting thing about Google though, is your friends of G+ who do Google searches will see your blog posts that hit those keywords before anyone else. So if your a blogger that Google’s blessed you into the system and you have 4 million followers that could triple your sites traffic over night and make your site instantly rank over everyone else. Lucky them. That’s why it’s always good to participlate in all the new stuff that’s out there because you never know what will happen. The world and success all revolves around getting lucky.

Blue Infinity at the Venice Beach Pier

I used my new LIght Craft ND 500 for this shot.

Venice Beach Infinity, Long exposure at the Venice Beach Pier. The light was very magical as it defused through the clouds.


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