Yosemite Falls – Selective Coloring Technique

Yosemite Falls

Selective Coloring Technique with Lightroom

This is a shot of the Yosemite Falls. I singled out the color of the man at the base of the falls to really capture the scale of the falls. 

This trick is pretty easy to do and there are a few ways to do it. I did it with Lightroom. Here is how.

1. Import into Lightroom and select the brush tool.

2. Adjust the brush to have zero saturation. Make sure all other settings are centered.

3. Brush out everything except the subject.

4. You can use other adjustments within the brush like, color temperature and tint to adjust the look of the B&W.

5. Select a new brush and brush your subject with some extra color, contrast or clarity of your choice.

6. Close brush tool and use main Lighroom tools to adjust final look and you're done!

You could also do this in Photoshop by duplicating the image, cutting out the man leaving his original color while making everything else black and white.




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