Best Accessories For The Sony RX100 IV & RX100 V

Sony RX100 IV & Sony RX100 V Accessories and Gear

The Sony RX100 series of cameras are probably the best compact cameras you can buy. The Sony RX100 IV and the RX100 V feature an amazing back-illuminated 1″ sensor, and a fantastic lens.

Since these cameras are a little pricey, it is important to protect them with at least a screen protector and maybe some form of a case. As far as design goes, these cameras hasn’t changed much since version II, some slight tweaks is all. The good news is for those that upgrade, your accessories will usually carry over. 

Here is a list of some of the coolest and best accessories for the Sony RX100 IV and V.



Sony RX100 IV & Sony RX100 V The Essentials

I’ve compiled a list of all the best accessories and gear for the Sony RX100 IV and the RX100 V so that you don’t have to get lost in the mess crappy 3rd party accessories that flood Amazon daily.


Screen Protectors

Sony still hasn’t put great scratch resistant screens on their cameras yet so I recommend you get a screen protector. 

Since the body of the Sony RX100 V is near identical to the RX100 IV and the RX100 III.

The Expert Shield screen protectors really have the best thing going right now. Lifetime warranty and a staff that’s not impossible to get a hold of. They’re a real company and I use them on all my cameras now. I rarely find other screen protectors worth listing.

Expert Shield Crystal Clear Screen Protector – (Amazon)

LARMOR Optical Glass – (Amazon)


Best Batteries RX100 IV & RX100 V

Here are a few batteries that work great. Remember when using batteries, it’s fine to use 3rd party, but I recommend you at least charge them with a Sony charger or in-camera to get the best charge. A slower low power charge is typically better and Sony charging systems have them calibrated for their specific needs.

If you have old batteries from your old RX100 camera they should still work. If you’re looking for something new, I usually like the Sony batteries, but you’ll probably only need one backup for this camera so I’m sure a 3rd party will be fine. 

Sony NP-BX1 Battery – (AmazonSome say this a knock-off but it’s supplied by Sony so I’m not sure what they’re talking about.

Wasabi Battery 2-Pack – (Amazon) Very popular 3rd party battery.

BM Premium 2-Pack – (Amazon) I’ve used this brand before as well.



Best Memory Cards RX100 IV & RX100 V

Memory cards are important for this camera. You have to use SDXC U3 UHS-I cards if you want to shoot 4k Video.

See the the following guides to find the best memory cards for your RX100.

Sony RX100 IV Memory Card Speed Tests

Sony RX100 V Memory Card Speed Tests


The guts of the RX100 V seemed to have changed a bit as it introduces a lot of new features. However, the memory card write speed bottleneck still seems to be the same.



Lens Accessories & UV Filters

Since the RX100 IV and V have a retractable lens, it’s difficult to find a UV filter that simply works. However, Lensmate has come up with something really cool. A Quick Changing Filter Adapter Kit.

It allows you to add a standard 52mm UV filter to your lens without any vignetting. So if you’re wondering how to use a UV filter for the RX100 IV or V, this is it. 

Quick-Change Filter Adapter KitAmazon


52mm UV Filters

B+W 52mm UV Multi Coated (010M)Amazon

B+W 52mm UV XS-Pro Multi Resistant Nano Coating (010M)Amazon

B+W 52mm UV XS-Pro Multi Resistant Nano Coating (007M)Amazon




Cases, Straps & Grips


RX100 Cases

There are a few really cool options here by Gariz that vary in price and style. I have a few Gariz cases, I like them. They’re very well built and very durable but they don’t really have that authentic handmade feel that some people want. 

Kaza-Deluxe – ( Kaza-Deluxe makes the best leather case for the money. I know they make leather cases for the RX100 III and the IV is the same body so when you order from them just verify that the case they are giving you is for the RX100 III or IV since a few little things have changed on the body since version I.

Gariz Leather Skin – (Amazon)

Gariz Leather Half Case, Metal Base – (Amazon)

Gariz Leather Half Case, Small Grip – (Amazon)

Gariz Leather Half Case, Larger Grip – (Amazon)

Sony Premium Jacket – (Amazon)



Best Grips Grips For The RX100 IV & RX100 V

JB Camera Design makes a pretty interesting wood grip if you’re looking for some traction control. The camera is really small so some nice grip isn’t a bad idea. But of course this limits your ability to use custom cases.

Sony AGR2 Attachment Grip (Black) – (Amazon)

JB Camera Design Wood Grip – (Amazon)

MegaGear Silicon Hand Grip – (Amazon)



Wrist Straps

This camera is pretty small so you won’t likely need a full strap but you might like an wrist strap aside from the one that comes with the camera.

Here are a few I like. 

Gordy’s – (gordyscamerastraps) – These might be a little too bulky for what you want on the RX100. But I use them on my X100T.

Fotasy Wrist Strap – (Amazon)

OP/Tech USA Camera Strap – (Amazon) Detachable which handy.



Carrying Cases

I use the Think Tank Mirrorless Mover for my camera. The smallest version is probably the best for RX100. Although you’ll probably keep this camera in your pocket or backpack so you might not need a case at all.

Think Tank Mirrorless Mover 5 – (Amazon)

Sony Soft Carying Case – (Amazon)

MegaGear Protective Leather Brown Case – (Amazon)




Cleaning Gear


Air Blowers

You might want a small air blower just to help clean out those small cracks and tight places.

The rocket blowers are great. 

Giottos Rocket Air Mini – (Amazon)


Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloths

There are a must have. Here is a very popular 6-pack I’ve purchase and love. Good quality cloths.

The Amazing MicroFiber – (Amazon)





Micro Tripods

These little small tripod are really great when it’s getting dark and you want to get that shot of the sunset, or even a group shot with the camera set to a timer. 

I’ve never found a mini tripod that I absolutely love. I’ve had a few that work decent and I’ve seen a few others that look cool. So I’ll list a couple that look good.

Joby GP1 Gorilla Pod – (AmazonI have a slightly larger version of this one. I actually use it to mount external lights or speedlights.

Amazon Lightweight Mini Tripod – (Amazon)



Underwater Cases

Want to have an awesome underwater 4k camera for under a billion dollars? The RX100 IV might just be one of the coolest options. Besides maybe the GoPro or Sony Action camera. I think the quality you get from the RX100 IV would be vastly superior.

There are a ton of options here for the RX100m4. I don’t know a ton about underwater cases, but you can find various quality cases at different prices for different needs. It’s important to do a little bit of research on something like this. You don’t want to dive 100 feet with a case not rated for it.

Sony RX100m4 Underwater Camera Housing – (Amazon)




Sony RX100 IV & RX100 V Camera Accessories | Conclusions

If you have any questions leave a comment or email me. I’ve used most of the gear listed here on various camera so I’m familiar with the brands. I’ll keep this updated as I find more cool stuff.


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