Best Memory Card Sony A6400

An UHS-I and UHS-II SD memory card speed test comparing the performances between all the most popular memory cards in the Sony A6400. Use this guide to find the best and fastest memory cards for your Sony A6400.


Camera Specs

Sensor: 24.2MP APS-C Exmor CMOS Sensor
Processor: BIONZ X Image Processor
Continuous Shooting: 11 fps
Memory Card Slots: 1 – UHS-I
Buffer Size: 1GB
Shots to Fill Buffer: 50 RAW
Est Time To Clear Buffer: 24.5 seconds

Sony A6400Amazon / Adorama / BHphoto

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Best Memory Cards Sony A6400

Like with Sony A6300 and A6500, we’re seeing a slight memory card buffer bottleneck of around 38-39MB/s on the Sony A6400. This is either happening with the processor or with some other hardware interface. 

Because of this, you will not need to buy the fastest memory cards available, but any decent memory card will due, but there are some brands I recommend more than others.

The Sony A6400 does not use UHS-II technology so it’s better to spend your money on UHS-I cards, but to take advantage of 4k video, you will need U3 memory cards.


Sony A6400 Memory Card Speed Test

This memory card list includs the in-camera speeds, which are calculated by how much time it takes to clear the buffer against how much data was written. You can sort by category, however, since most of the cards have similar performance in the Sony A6400, it won’t make a huge difference which card you choose, just get any trusted brand and as long as it is a U3 card, it will work reliably with Sony cameras. See the recommended memory card list below.

Memory CardSpeed ClassUSB ReadUSB WriteSony A6400Order
Sandisk Extreme Pro 170MB/s U3UHS-I99.288.338.67Amazon
Sandisk Extreme Plus U3UHS-I99.388.238.46Amazon
Sandisk Extreme U3UHS-I99.356.838.75Amazon
Sandisk Ultra U1UHS-I99.534.325.95--
Kingston CanvasReact A1 U3UHS-I99.682.536.77Amazon
Kingston CanvasGo! U3UHS-I99.674.036.93Amazon
Lexar 633x U1UHS-I95.054.636.53--
Sony Professional U3UHS-I98.560.239.38Amazon
Sony U3 94MB/sUHS-I96.757.537.84Amazon
Sony U3 95MB/sUHS-I96.685.437.95Amazon
Transcend U3 U3UHS-I96.787.838.42Amazon
PNY Elite Performance U3UHS-I96.766.938.65Amazon
Delkin Advantage U3UHS-I99.678.837.27Amazon
Toshiba Exceria Pro U3UHS-I97.874.739.06Amazon
Toshiba Exceria U3UHS-I97.229.928.50Amazon
Verbatim Pro+ U3UHS-I98.583.739.36Amazon
Verbatim Pro U3UHS-I96.668.036.61Amazon
Amplim 667x A1 V30UHS-I99.652.235.99Amazon
Sandisk Extreme Pro 300MB/sUHS-II258.5190.539.28Amazon
Lexar 2000xUHS-II258.9201.538.62Amazon
Lexar 1000xUHS-II153.483.0938.78Amazon
Toshiba Exceria ProUHS-II263.6223.839.26Amazon
Transcend v90UHS-II258.2164.938.92Amazon
Sony G ToughUHS-II256.8201.039.59Amazon
Sony GUHS-II258.0206.739.57Amazon
Sony MUHS-II253.691.6039.24Amazon
Delkin PowerUHS-II257.6191.039.34Amazon
Delkin PrimeUHS-II252.889.139.13Amazon
Fujifilm Elite IIUHS-II259.3168.438.66Amazon
Adata V90UHS-II259.4187.438.84Amazon
Hoodman Steel 2000xUHS-II268.7183.938.92Amazon
Hoodman Steel 1500xUHS-II258.1169.238.83BHphoto
ProGrade V90UHS-II258.2212.839.03Amazon
ProGrade V60UHS-II166.9105.938.78Amazon
Amplim 1900x V60UHS-II249.8104.539.02Amazon
Angel Bird V90UHS-II256.6211.139.01Amazon
Angel Bird V60UHS-II166.980.2438.52Amazon
FreeTail Evoke Pro V60UHS-II238.5102.839.93Amazon

As you can see from the chart, all the cards are getting similar performance. We’ve mostly stopped testing U1 memory cards as they do not meet the requirements for 4k in most cameras and the U1 technology at this point is pretty much obsolete for anyone looking to take full advantage of all the features a Sony camera.


Top 5 Recommended Memory Cards Sony A6400


Sony Professional UHS-I U3

Best Memory Cards Sony A6400Available at: Amazon / Adorama / BHphoto

The Sony Professional UHS-I card is very high quality and has a slightly different built than the other cards, they seem a little tougher. These cards perform very well in terms of speed and work flawlessly in Sony cameras. They are a little more expensive than some of the other options though.


Sony 94 UHS-I U3

Best SD Memory Cards Sony A6400Available at: Amazon / Adorama / BHphoto

This is one of latest UHS-I card from Sony. It’s technically slightly slower than the 95MB/s card but it is using a different type of flash. I haven’t seen any real difference in reliability between the two models of Sony cards.


Sandisk Extreme Plus or Pro UHS-I U3

Fastest Memory Cards Sony A6400Available at: Amazon / Adorama / BHphoto

The Sandisk Extreme Plus card and the Extreme are the best bang for the buck. While the Sandisk Extreme Pro is a better card, when it comes to performance in the Sony A6400, it won’t offer any advantage. Sometimes the Sandisk Extreme Pro is priced about the same as the Extreme Plus cards and in that case grab the Pro.


Sandisk Extreme UHS-I U3

Recommended Memory Cards Sony A6400

Available at: Amazon / Adorama / BHphoto

The Sandisk Extreme card is one of the easiest to find. Target, Walmart, Best Buy usually carry them. When it comes to performance in the Sony A6400, the Extreme cards work great.


Delkin Advantage UHS-I U3

Good Memory Cards Sony A6400Available at: Amazon / Adorama / BHphoto

Delkin has always made reliable cards that perform well and the new Advantage is their latest brand of card. I usually use Sandisk, Sony or Delkin in my cameras and have always seen great performance without any reliability issues. 




Sony A6400 Best Memory Cards For 4k Video

The Sony A6400 has a light 4k video codec of 100mbps which translates to about 12.5MB/s. Any of the U3 cards will work for video in the Sony A6400 (except Samsung SD cards which have compatibility issues).

When deciding which size memory card is best for video, you should be sure to get an SDXC card which is any card 64GB or larger because these cards use a 64-bit file system which allows you to record clips longer than 4GB. If you go with a 32-bit card, known as SDHC, you will see what’s called chaptering. This is where long clips are broken into 4GB chunks. Sometimes this is good, sometimes this is bad. I actually prefer this on my GoPro Hero 7 where I often have very long clips because it allows me to delete huge chunks of what I don’t need.


Memory Card Codes – What They All Mean

When you’re buying memory cards there are a few important numbers you need to pay attention too.

U1, U3 – U1 Minimum Write Speed 10MB/s – U3 Minimum Write Speed 30MB/s

V30, v60, v90 – V30 Minimum Write Speed 30MB/s, V60 60MB/s, V90 90MB/s

SDHC, SDXC – SDHC is 32-bit file system 4GB file size limit. SDXC 64-bit file system

UHS-I, UHS-II – UHS-I – Single row of contacts, UHS-II – Two contract row for more than double the performance.

A1 or A2 – Now some memory cards are using a type of cache that improves random read and write access. These cards are designed for running apps and will offer no benefit to photography or video.


Where To Buy Memory Cards – Avoid Counterfeit

There are still a lot of counterfeit memory cards out there so you need to be careful where you buy cards. It looks like this last year there has been a lot of shifting around of Sandisk stock at Amazon, so they could be cleaning up their inventory and I personally have never seen a counterfeit card from Amazon. Ebay is still a horrible place to buy memory cards. 

The best place to buy memory cards is at certified stores that deal directly with each brand. I always try to buy my cards from BHphoto, Adorama, Best Buy, Walmart, Target etc. While I’ve never had any issues with Amazon, they allow a lot of retailers on their site and the the rumor is they use to mix inventory so you never knew what you were getting for sure.


Best Memory Cards Sony A6400 Conclusions

Since the Sony A6400 is not very demanding of memory cards with a 38-39MB/s speed limit and a nice 1GB buffer, it makings buying memory cards a lot easier since most modern cards can keep up with this rate. I wouldn’t buy UHS-II cards unless you have another camera that can take advantage of that tech, otherwise I would only buy UHS-I cards since they are much less expensive.

Buy from a trusted dealer and you won’t have any issues with counterfeit cards. All of the brands listed (except the two U1 cards I still test) now work great with no problems and Sony firmware continues to improve stability and reliability of memory card performance.