Best Memory Cards For The Canon 77D

Fastest Memory Cards For The Canon 77D.

We tested all the most popular SD memory cards in the Canon 77D to find which cards performed the fastest. Since not all memory cards perform the same, you can use this guide to find the best memory cards for your needs for your budget.


Camera Specs

Sensor: APS-C 24.2MP CMOS / Processor: DIGIC 7

SD Memory Card Type: UHS-I

Video: 1080p 60fps

Continuous Burst: 6fps

Est. Size of Buffer: 500MB

Uncompressed Shots Till Buffer Fills: 29-30

Est. Time Taken To Clear Buffer: 6.25 seconds


Canon 77D  – Amazon / Adorama / B&H



Best Memory Card For The Canon EOS 77D

If you’re wondering which memory card to buy for the Canon 77D, use this chart as your guide.


General Performance And Speed Chart

While the Canon 77D is almost the same camera as the T7i except for some improvements to its body and design, I did see a slight faster performance out of its write speeds to memory cards. Marginal, but still worth noting. Maybe there is better heat control or a better processor tunage. Regardless, both the T7i and the 77D have some amazing memory card performance, something you don’t really see with the competition, except maybe Fujifilm.


All USB 3.0 tests done using CrystalDisk – Windows 10, with the Lexar SR2.

SD Memory CardsUSB 3.0 ReadUSB 3.0 WriteCanon 77D WriteSee Price
Lexar 64GB 2000x272.7 MB/s244.5 MB/s76.04 MB/sAmazon
Toshiba 64GB258.8 MB/s226.5 MB/s75.66 MB/sAmazon
Transcend 64GB290.2 MB/s182.1 MB/s73.12 MB/sAmazon
Delkin 250 64GB245.1 MB/s164.6 MB/s72.46 MB/sAmazon
Sandisk Extreme Pro 300 64GB263.2 MB/s233.4 MB/s71.37 MB/sAmazon
Sony M 64GB253.2 MB/s91.62 MB/s69.02 MB/sAmazon
Lexar 64GB 1000x147.4 MB/s78.4 MB/s60.36 MB/sAmazon
Delkin 100  64GB273.3 MB/s97.3 MB/s56.02 MB/sAmazon
Sandisk Extreme Pro 280 64GB260.5 MB/s214.8 MB/s39.85 MB/sAmazon
Sandisk Extreme Pro 64GB U398.6 MB/s90.8 MB/s74.83 MB/sAmazon
Samsung Pro+ 64GB U397.5 MB/s87.3 MB/s72.28 MB/sAmazon
Kingston 64GB U398.1 MB/s90.4 MB/s71.47 MB/sAmazon
Samsung Pro 64GB U196.3 MB/s82.2 MB/s69.25 MB/sAmazon
Sony 64GB U3 – Old Model96.5 MB/s84.5 MB/s68.60 MB/sAmazon
Samsung Pro 64GB U397.7 MB/s78.6 MB/s67.45 MB/sAmazon
Delkin 633x 64GB U398.3 MB/s88.7 MB/s66.05 MB/sAmazon
PNY 64GB U196.5 MB/s66.5 MB/s59.46 MB/sAmazon
Sandisk Extreme Plus 64GB U399.0 MB/s64.4 MB/s56.65 MB/sAmazon
Transcend 64GB U396.7 MB/s68.4 MB/s55.84 MB/sAmazon
PNY 64GB U396.5 MB/s66.1 MB/s55.37 MB/sAmazon
Lexar 633x 64GB U393.3 MB/s67.3 MB/s55.10 MB/sAmazon
Sony 64GB U3 – New Model96.7 MB/s56.2 MB/s52.95 MB/sAmazon
Lexar 600x 64GB U195.4 MB/s64.8 MB/s51.76 MB/sAmazon
Sandisk Extreme 64GB U372.43 MB/s54.1 MB/s48.25 MB/sAmazon
Samsung 64GB U1 EVO47.7 MB/s27.3 MB/s23.04 MB/sAmazon


Recommended SD Memory Cards For The 77D

Since the Canon 77D isn’t equipped with the technology to handle the extra pins found in UHS-II memory cards, I would recommend saving some money and sticking with UHS-I cards. My personal favorite are the Sandisk Extreme Pro cards. However, I also use the Sandisk Extreme Plus and just the Extreme cards. Check the prices because sometimes they are all very close, so if that’s the case, you might want to go with the Pro.


Fastest UHS-II Memory Cards

If you want fast memory card transfer speeds from your card to your computer then UHS-II still has some really nice advantages, but you will need a fast UHS-II memory card reader.

Lexar x2000 UHS-II 64GB – Amazon / Adorama

Transcend 64GB – Amazon

Delkin 250 64GB – Amazon / B&H

Sandisk Extreme Pro 300 64GB – Amazon / Adorama / B&H



Fastest UHS-I Memory Cards

UHS-I are all around the best cards for the 77D, simply because they perform great and are very reasonably priced.

Sandisk Extreme Pro U3 64GB – Amazon / Adorama / B&H

Samsung Pro+ 64GB U3 – Amazon / Adorama

Kingston 64GB U3 – Amazon / Adorama / B&H




Canon 77D Frequently Asked Questions


Can I use Micro SD Memory Cards in the Canon 77D?

I don’t test micro SD memory cards because it’s not that common for people to use them in these cameras. However, they do work and I do use them sometimes when I’m in a pinch. But not without problems.

The problem I’ve had is with the micro SD cards to SD card adapters. Sometimes the micro cards can wiggle around in the adapter and lose connection. This was happening to me with some Delkin adapters, so for that reason, I don’t recommend messing with this system. But again, they do work and they do perform fine as long as you match the brand and model.


What Cards Work Best For Video?

Since the Canon 77D is still only capable of shooting 1080p60 video, so any decent memory card will work just fine and is more than capable of handling the bitrate the Canon 77D puts out.


My Card Isn’t Fast, What’s Wrong?

If you’re having some issues with your memory cards, here is a list of a few things that could be your problem.

  • Sometimes cards are just bad. You can usually get them replaced without hassle and many have really good warranties. 
  • There are a lot of counterfeit cards out there. If you bought of Ebay, chances are you got duped. Stick with BHphoto, Adorama, Amazon or other trusted stores.
  • Make sure the cards and connection pins are all clean and undamaged.


What Size Memory Card Should I Get, 32GB or 64GB?

I use 32GB cards if I’m just shooting photos and I rarely fill the cards. If I’m shooting photos with some videos here and there, I’ll need a 64GB card.

If I’m traveling and shooting on a card that I don’t clear for a few days I’ll usually fill up a 32GB card. 



Best SD Memory Card Canon EOS 77D | Bottom Line

Since the Canon 77D only has a burst rate of 6fps, you really won’t notice a huge difference in some of the top performing cards. I personally try to use the fastest cards I can get at a reasonable price, because I hate waiting on the buffer to clear. Something that still plagues many of my Sony cameras which usually cap out at around 32MB/s.

When buying cards, I wouldn’t sweat the difference of a few MB/s since you won’t notice the difference when shooting. So in that case, buy your favorite brand, the Canon 77D seems to like everything and nothing gave me any problems.