Hard Graft Box Camera Bag – New Atelier Style!

The popular Box Camera Bag from Hard Graft is now available in the Atelier style.

Like many of the Hard Graft camera products, the Box Camera Bag is made of Italian wool felt and Tuscan vegetable tan leather.

The camera bag is built with a single piece design; it comes with a shoulder strap, small leather pocket inside and a wool divider to separate smaller items. It also comes with a small internal marl grey cord that can be tied up for extra protection.

The Box Camera Bag will fit most DSLRs, which means it will also work great with a small mirrorless camera and maybe a lens with a few accessories.


Product Details / Order Information

You can see more information about the Box Camera Bag at HardGraft.com


My Experience With Hard Graft

Hard Graft makes some really great gear and their cases are no exception. The materials and construction gives their products a very unique artisan feel you just don’t get from most other leather companies. And I say that as a guy makes part of my living reviewing camera accessories.

What I really love about the vegetable tanned leather, is that it seems to just get better with age. The more it’s used, scuffed up and broken in, the better! At least that’s how I like it.

My Re-Process strap was stiff and very clean when I first got it. Now after a few months of getting broken in, it’s a completely different strap. So much so that I’ll going rewrite my Re-Process Camera strap review.

It kind of reminds me of getting a new baseball glove as a kid. You would have to run them over with your dads car, throw them against walls and the ground, kick them, bend them, smash them, then after doing all that and using them for a few months, it was finally perfect. That’s the beauty of real leather.



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