Instantly Remove Color Cast In Photoshop

Manually adjusting your color balance in Photoshop is never fun. There are several tricks, some dating back to almost centuries ago. Some more modern.

You ever notice 90% of photography tutorials on the internet are continue to share these tricks dating back from Photoshop 4, not realizing there are new one click solutions to them? Well I do. 😉

Adjusting Your Color Cast With The Flick Of Your Wrist

Here is your one click solution, (actually 3) for almost instantly adjusting clearing up that color cast and finding your correct white, grey, and black point in Photoshop.

-Load Your Levels Adjustment Tool.

Adjust Color Balance With Levels

-With levels selected click the top right tab.

-Select Auto Options.

Adjust Color Balance With  Photoshop

-Now select Find Dark & Light Colors + Snap Neutral Midtones.
Auto Color Correction Options

That's it. There are some other great options in that menu to play with as well. Enjoy!

Before And After

Before and after color balance.

I personally like the before image better in this case. But this at least lets you know what true blacks, whites and midtones should look like. But in reality there is no such thing. Light is always reflecting color, it's all perspective.

This technique will give you just a preview to use along with your processing, to paint into the sky or elsewhere or to use with layer masks, opacity, etc.

I do really like this trick because it doesn't force your whites into clipped white and blacks into clipped blacks. I'm a believer off only having 1 pixel be white or black on my entire image if I can help it.

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