Mesquite Dunes – Death Valley

This is one of my first photos from Death Valley that popped out to me while going through my Lightroom catalog. I wasn't planning on visiting the Mesquite Dunes but since they were just right off the road we stopped by. It actually took a bit of wandering around to find some peaks that hadn't been walked all over. I probably walked about a mile into the dunes before finding these. Glad it wasn't crazy hot. I quickly learned it's not easy walking through sand dunes.

The Mesquite Dunes in Death Valley

Mesquite Dunes - Death Valley, If you haven't been to Death Valley there are about four sets of Sand Dunes. These are the more popular Dunes since they are right of the road. I really wanted to go to the Paramint Dunes since I hear they are the coolest, but it's a three mile hike through raw desert and I didn't have time. This work for me though. A lot of Starwars was also filmed on these vary Dunes.


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