Must Have Accessories For The Canon SL2

Best SD memory card for the Canon SL2 / 200D

A list of some of the most essential and fun accessories for the Canon SL2.


Best Accessories For The Canon SL2 | Essentials

I put together a list of some of the best accessories that are available for this camera.

These are brands I trust and accessories I have used or use.


Best Screen Protectors For The Canon SL2

Screen Protector Canon SL2 / 200DExpertShield screen protectors are finally available for the Canon SL2 / 200D. They guarantee their screen protectors and if they break, fall off or get beat up, they will replace it for you for free. I’ve personally worked with them replacing one of my broken screens and it was a very good experience. I recommend trying them out for your Canon SL2.

I’ve had all three types of screen protectors. Anti-Glare will make your image look slightly softer but it it’s nice because you get no glare. I have lately been using the Glass screens on my cameras and they’ve been working really nice but can get little chips along the edges over the years if you’re using and abusing your camera, but the Glass usually never falls off or peel off like Anti-Galre or Crystal Clear can.

  • ExpertShield Glass – Amazon
  • ExpertShield Anti-Glare – Amazon
  • ExperShield Crystal Clear – Amazon



Best Memory Cards For The Canon SL2

Best Memory Cards Canon SL2I put together a list of the fastest memory cards for the SL2 all tested in-camera to help you can decide which cards work best for your needs.



Best Batteries For The Canon SL2

Canon batteries are great but expensive, the most popular alternative is the Wasabi Batteries. Also, keep an eye on RAVPower, they make some really nice battery kits for other cameras. I’ll post them here if they ever become available.


Canon LP-E17 Batteries

Best battery for the Canon SL2 / 200D

The Canon LP-E17 is the official battery from Canon. It provides 1040maH of power at 7.2V. Only problem with this battery is that it’s slightly expensive. I recommend having at least one, then getting a few Wasabi batteries a backup.



Wasabi LP-E17 Batteries

Best third-party batteries for the Canon SL2 Canon 200DWasabi makes a great third-party battery for the Canon SL2 with all the same stats as the LP-E17. Like the Canon they use premium power cells from Japan and the batteries hold their charge well. It comes with two batteries and a charger. I have had issues with Wasasbi chargers in the past and always recommend using official Canon battery chargers if you can. – Amazon




Battery Chargers

If you need an extra charger, this is the official Canon charger that’s rated to charge the Canon batteries perfectly. Otherwise some of the battery kits like those from Wasabi have various chargers with them. 


Canon LP-E17 Charger

Best battery charger for the Canon SL2The official Canon LP-E17 chargers are nice. They come with a cable or you can use the fold out prongs and let it hang in the wall outlet. This charger comes with the American plugs.



Watson Modular Battery Charger

Best third-party battery charger for Canon batteriesWatson makes this cool battery charger that allows you to change out different plates for different battery types. This is great if you have multiple types of cameras since you only need to buy new plates instead of a completely new charger. It comes with a USB 2.0 plug on the side so you can charger other devices without taking up more outlet ports on the wall. This unit comes with two plates for the Canon SL2 batteries and it also comes with a cigarette lighter adapter for the car. – BHphoto



Body Extras, Straps & Electronics

This camera is one of Canon’s best looking cameras in my opinion, in terms of refining their traditional Canon design. 

These are some less important accessories that are sometimes nice to have.


Terminal Protector Cap

Extra terminal protectors are nice to have since I often lose mine. There are a few options here including one that has a bubble on it to help you level out your camera.


Anwenk Hot Shoe Cover With Bubble

The 2-pack Anwenk hot shoe cover for the Canon SL2 fits perfectly on the SL2 but also comes with a little bubble level which is great for tripod shooting and landscape photography. – Amazon



Foto & Tech Hot Shoe Cover

Since the Canon SL2 doesn’t come with a hot shoe cover you can add one by getting one of these Foto & Tech covers. This helps you keep your terminals clean and free of any dirt and corrosion.




Canon SL2 Cleaning Supplies

There are several methods for cleaning your camera and camera sensor. It’s nice to have some micro fiber cleaning cloths, a rocket air blower, a sensor brush and it’s not a bad idea to learn how to wet clean your sensor. 

See all the best accessories for keeping your camera clean.

The short list of cleaning supplies.


Rocket Air Blaster

Rocket Air BlasterRocket Air makes my favorite air blaster. I have several different sizes and they all work great. This is a must have accessory for keeping your lenses, sensor, mirror and camera clean. – Amazon


Sensor Brush

Sensor Cleaning BrushSensor brushes come in a few sizes. Now you mostly just see two, APS-C sized brushes and full frame brushes. You can really use either size for either camera. I have a full frame brush and I still use it on my APS-C cameras sometimes. For the Canon SL2 you’ll want the APS-C size. 

Use this brush when you get dust on your sensor that you can’t get off with the Rocket Air blaster. Set your mirror in lock up cleaning mode, blast the brush with a few blasts of air to clean it, then swipe it once or twice across the sensor. Never touch the brush and keep it in its case. – Amazon


6-Pack Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloths

Micro Fiber Cleaning ClothsThere is no such thing as having too many micro fiber cleaning cloths. They are like socks, they eventually wear out and become less effective as they get more and more body oil on them. – Amazon




Camera Speedlites

Canon has some great camera speedlites but also Nissin has been getting better. Just be sure to check reviews and make sure you know what you’re getting with these. All speedlites are different, some give you more power then you’ll need or some not enough.  I’ve been using the 580EX-II for years and have had no complaints. 


Canon Speedlites

  • Canon Speedlite 600EX II-RT Amazon
  • Canon Speedlite 600EX-RTAmazon
  • Canon Speedlite 580EX-IIAmazon – I have this flash and still use it all the time. It’s old but I love it!
  • Canon Speedlite 430EX II-RT Flash – Amazon
  • Canon Speedlite 270EX IIAmazon


Nissin Speedlites

Nissin has surprised everyone with their flashes. They’ve put out some really powerful stuff at great prices and sizes.




A nice tripod I’ve used for a long time now that’s not too expensive is by MeFoto. There are other brands out there that make similar tripods but this is just what I use.

They makes some Aluminum and Carbon Fiber tripods. Carbon Fiber is much lighter.

I’m always on the lookout for better tripods but I have yet to really find sometime worth the extra cost unless you need a tripod for professional landscape photography, or something heavier for studio photography. In that case I think the ReallyRightStuff Tripods are nice as well as some of the Gitzo Manfrotto tripods.

But for casual and semi-pro photographer, I’ve been using my MeFoto GlobeTrotter carbon fiber tripod for years. I also tried out their Aluminum, but it was just a bit too heavy for hiking around with.

  • MeFOTO Road Trip AluminumAmazon
  • MeFOTO RoadTrip Carbon FiberAmazon
  • MeFOTO GlobeTrotter AluminumAmazon
  • MeFOTO GlobeTrotter Carbon FiberAmazon <- I have this one


Another type of tripod that is always fun and useful to have is the Joby GorillaPods. They come in various sizes, you probably want one of the larger ones if you’re going to use it with the SL2 or stick a flash on it.



Must Have Accessories Canon SL2 | Conclusions

The Canon SL2 is a very small and versatile camera that can get a lot of mileage when combined with the right accessories. It has the sensor and processing power to get some professional photos for landscape or portrait photographers, especially if paired up with the right tripod and speedlite.

I’ll continue to keep an eye on any new accessories that could be cool for this camera and will post them here. If you’ve found something you can’t live without, let me know.