Must Have Accessories For The Fuji X-T1

Best Accessories and Gear Fuji XT1

One of my favorite parts about owning a Fujifilm camera is all the third party accessories and gear you can get for them.

For this camera I’ve compiled a list of all the best, must have accessories for the Fuji XT1.



Batteries, Screen Protectors & Memory Cards



Best Memory Cards Fuji​ X-T1

The Fuji X-T1 is one of the few cameras that can harness the power of UHS-II memory cards. But this doesn’t mean you can’t use UHS-I cards which are significantly more affordable.


To see how many of the top selling memory cards peform, see my Fuji-XT1 Memory Card Speed Test

The fastest performing card by a long shot was the Lexar 2000x.

Lexar 2000x 64GB UHS-II – (Amazon)

Lexar 2000x 32GB UHS-II – (Amazon)



UHS-II Memory Card Readers

If you go with UHS-II memory cards, you’ll need a USB 3.0 UHS-II memory card reader. To see the fastest, read this UHS-II memory card reader comparison.



Batteries For The Fuji X-T1

Here are a few popular Fuji X-T1 batteries. I usually buy the brand batteries because they always work the best. But if you want to fill your pockets full of batteries then maybe go with the third party to save you some cash.

Although third party batteries are great, one thing I’ve learned over the years is that you can’t trust the chargers that come with them. The speed at which you charge a battery can have an impact on performance. A faster charge produces a less stable battery. Some of these third party chargers that come in these packs charge the batteries too fast and cause even the Fujifilm batteries to underperform.


Fuji Li-ion Battery NP-W126 1280mAh – (Amazon) (Adorama)

Wasabi (2-Pack) w/charger 1450mAh – (Amazon)

Chilipower (2-Pack w/charger 1450mAh – (Amazon)

Green Extreme GX-NP-W126 1260MAh – (Amazon) I have one of these. I like them because they’re packaging is made from 100% recycles materials. Something more camera manufacturers should start doing.



Fuji X-T1 Screen Protectors

These are a must have accessory for any camera in my opinion. I’m not sure what the quality of the glass is on the back screen but I’ve beaten up my screens on other cameras before and doing it made me sad. So I always use screen protectors. Here are a few great Fuji XT1 screen protectors.

I actually have a huge scratch across my screen protector right now. If I didn’t have my screen protector, that scratch would be on my screen.

Expert Shield Crystal Clear Screen Protector – (Amazon)

I use this brand on my other Fuji Camera. Works great, fits perfect.

Expert Shield Anti Glare Screen Protector – (Amazon)

The Anti Glare will slightly dim your screen, but they look really nice. This is what I use on my Fujifilm X-T1. It’s awesome.



Fuji XT1 Body Accessories


Fujifilm XT1 Thumb Grips

Fuji X-T1 Thumbrest

Some people use thumb grips on their XT1, but I’m currently not using one. I actually use strobes a lot so it would just get in the way. However, I do use one of these on my X100T and love it.

Fuji XT1 Thumb Grip by Lensmate – (Amazon)


Extended Eye Cup

People like to use these who have glasses. They are extended out a little bit to help block stray light.

Extended Eye Cup – (Amazon)


Terminal Caps

The terminal caps are nice to keep your terminals clean. I use them on my cameras without the thumb grip.

Terminal Caps – (Amazon) – In case you lose yours.



Grips And Body Cases


Fuji X-T1 Leather Cases

For a nice quality leather case take a look at the Gariz. I use them for my X100T and X-T1.

Gariz Genuine Leather Case Fuji XT1 – (Amazon)

Fujifilm BLC XT1 Half Case – (Amazon) Less expensive than the Gariz.

Fujifilm XT1 Kinji Leather

Kaza-Deluxe Leather


Fujfilm X-T1 Grips

J.B. Camera Design also makes a base with added grip to protect the bottom of your camera.

J.B. Camera Design Wooden Grip Base – (Amazon)


I’ll admit, the Fuji X-T1 doesn’t fit in the hand great. It needs a bigger grip in my opinion. I bought the Gariz leather case which sort of solves this for me. But many people use one of these hand grips instead.

Fujifilm Hand Grip – (Amazon) (Adorama)

Fujifilm Hand Grip Large – (Amazon) (Adorama)

Vertical Battery Grip – (Amazon) (Adorama)



Camera Straps


Full Straps

I’ve been using the Leicatime strap and the HardGraft Re-Process strap. For awhile I was using the LeicaTime deluxe strap on my XT1, now I’m using the HardGraft Re-Process and love it.

LeicaTime Straps – (

Tap & Dye make a decent strap. LeicaTime might be better for the price.

Tap & Dye – (

Hard Graft – ( I’ve been using the Re-Process strap on my XT1. My new favorite strap.

Gordy’s – (Horizontal) (Vertical) (Sling)

Gariz Leather Straps – (Amazon)



Leather Wrist Straps

There are a few I’ve used and like. These Accessories aren’t Fuji specific but they are my favorite two wrist straps.



Gariz makes a nice leather strap that lasts a long time. It’s simple and light.

Gariz Genuine Leather Wrist Strap Brown – (Amazon)

Gariz Genuine Leather Wrist Strap Black – (Amazon)



Gordy’s cameras straps are American made leather strap. I prefer the Gordy’s strap over the Gariz because it has more of a handcrafted feel and a better design.

Gordy’s –


Hard Graft Slide Camera Wrist Strap

Hard Graft makes some of the most luxurious straps out there and my personal favorite.

I wrote up a small review on this strap you can read about – Hard Graft Slide Camera Strap Review

Hard Graft Slide Camera Wrist Strap – (



Fujfilm X-T1 Lenses And Lens Accessories

Fujifilm X-T1 Lenses

I keep an updated list of all the available lenses that can be easily purchased for the Fujifilm X-T1.

See the Fujifilm X-Mount Lens List.



Fuji X-T1 Macro Extension Tube

There are two Macro Extension tubes you can purchase by Fuji. The MCEX-11 and the MCEX-16. I own the MCEX-11 to use my 56mm f1.2 lens as a macro lens. This works great but there are some huge limitations. One is that your max focus will only be a few feet from the camera. When you have the macro extension tube mounted you really can only take photos of up close macro photography. This works different than a real macro lens that still has infinity focus.

Fujifilm MCEX-11 Macro Extension Tube – (Amazon)

Fujifilm MCEX-16 Macro Extension Tube – (Amazon)



Fuji XT1 Accessories & Gear – Other Thoughts

There seems to be a lot of companies creating new products for Fujifilm cameras regularly. I’ll try to keep this updated with all the best stuff I find that people find useful. I’m working on reviewing Fujinon lenses and Leica M mount lenses. I have a full list here Fujifilm XF Lens List. I’ve also been collecting a lot more leather straps that I’ll be reviewing soon.



Camera Purchase Links

The Fuji X-T1 is a little bit of an older camera now so you should be able to find some great deals on them.

Black – (Amazon) (Adorama)

Graphite – (Amazon) (Adorama)


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