Sandisk Extreme Plus SD Memory Card Review

Sandisk Extreme Plus SD Memory Card ReviewThe Sandisk Extreme Plus sits just below the Extreme Pro in terms of performance, but mostly only with just write speeds. When testing in some cameras, the real world performance can be about the same as the Pro cards. Especially with a lot of Sony or Panasonic cameras that still see that bus speed bottleneck.

This makes the Sandisk Extreme Plus one of the best memory cards for the price when it comes to the speed to price ratio.


Sandisk Extreme Plus UHS-I Memory Card Sizes

The Sandisk Extreme Plus can still be found in three sizes – 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. You can still find some older 8GB versions of the card but they have been discontinued that one for the most part. The micro sd versions of this card can also be found in larger sizes and is one of the best memory cards for the GoPro Hero 6.

Some shooters like to buy micro SD cards and adapt them between all their devices.

Memory Card Name16GB32GB64GB
Sandisk Extreme Plus SD Memory CardAmazonAmazonAmazon


Real World Memory Card Performance

The Sandisk Extreme Plus is a great memory card for most devices. It has very fast read speeds, but also relatively fast write speeds as well. In cameras that have slower write speeds, the Sandisk Extreme Plus is often the best option. 

Memory Card NameUSB 3.0 ReadUSB 3.0 Write
Sandisk Extreme plus SD Memory Card99.0 MB/s64.4 MB/s



Speed Class: U3 / Class 10

All the cards larger than 16GB will have a V30 speed class.

UHS-I devices



Limited Lifetime Warranty