Intricacies Of Work

It’s been a crazy month for me and I’ve had very little time to go out and shoot cool locations. Work tends to do that. It should be slowing down again here very soon which will mean more photography.

The FujiX100T with its low profile makes it easy to carry everywhere and it allows me to capture the subtle intricacies of my daily life. This is a window into the world that’s around me when I’m editing for G-Net.


Fuji X100T

Some of these photos use the Tele extender lens which I’ll be doing a full review on as soon as I get more sample images. Some are shot RAW+JPEG, some are just JPEG. Lately if I shoot RAW+JPEG I usually use JPEG unless I want to completely change the look. The JPEGs just look better, you can see in my comparison here.

Black and White has been working for me in these low light office situations where saturation is reduced at those high ISO. Everything is grey anyway. Concrete floors, grey walls, white desks. And if you’re wondering what I do for work, I’m a Commercial / Trailer Editor.


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