Lexar 1000x UHS-II SD Memory Card Review

Lexar 1000x UHS-II SD Memory Card ReviewThe Lexar 1000x is a very popular UHS-II memory card, it’s also one of the oldest and it’s starting to show with its slow UHS-II performance. In terms of UHS-II cards it’s probably one of the slowest performing cards out there, especially compared to the competition. Lexar has now been discontinued by its parent company Micron, so these cards will become increasingly more difficult to find. But in general, stop buying Lexar 1000X cards, and if you’re a blogger, stop recommending them.

There are much better UHS-II cards from Sony, Transcend and Delkin that are also reasonably priced.


Lexar 1000X UHS-II Memory Card Sizes

The the Lexar 1000x is still available in five sizes – 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB and 256GB.

Memory Card Name16GB32GB64GB128GB256GB
Lexar 1000x UHS-IIAmazonAmazonAmazonAmazonAmazon


Real World Memory Card Performance

The Lexar 1000x is one of the oldest UHS-II memory cards and it’s starting to show its age compared to the competition. In terms of performance, it’s actually the worst UHS-II cards. The slower Sony M card is better and even slower Sandisk Extreme Pro UHS-II card is faster.

The Lexar 1000x is one of the most recommended UHS-II cards (not by me) but it actually sucks, so don’t buy it. Check out this guide to finding the best memory cards, to see how all memory cards perform in most cameras.

Memory Card NameUSB 3.0 ReadUSB 3.0 Write
Lexar 1000x UHS-II 64GB147.4 MB/s78.4 MB/s



The Lexar 1000x is available in several sizes. The 32GB and 16GB cards are SDHC cards and operate with a 32-bit file structure. The 64GB 128GB and 256GB cards are SDXC cards and function with a 64-bit file structure.

Speed Class: U3 / Class 10

UHS-I / UHS-II devices



Limited Lifetime Warranty – But be aware the Lexar as a company will be gone soon.


UHS-II USB 3.0 Memory Card Readers

To get the best speeds out of the Lexar 1000x, you’ll need to get a faster UHS-II memory card reader. However, even in the best UHS-II memory card readers, the Lexar 1000x is still significantly slower at reading than other cards.