Must Have Accessories Sony A7 III, A7r III | Updated For 2018

Sony A7r III best accessories

A great list all the best accessories for the Sony A7r III and Sony A7 III. From screen protectors, memory cards, batteries and chargers to cases, bags and cleaning equipment, this guide to accessories covers all the must have gear.


Sony A7r IIIAmazon / Adorama / BHphoto

Sony A7 IIIAmazon / Adorama / BHphoto


Must Have Accessories For The Sony A7r III, A7 III

I’ve put together a list of all the best accessories for the Sony A7r III and A7 III. I’ll be testing and review almost everything here as time goes on, so I can keep the list tuned for only the best stuff I can trust and recommend.

I didn’t combine this list with the Sony A9 accessory guide because the bodies are slightly different even though almost all the accessories are cross compatible.


Best Screen Protector

Expert Shield Screen Protector For Sony A7III, Sony A7rIII

Best Screen Protector Sony A7r III, A7 IIISony screens are notorious for this issue where bubbles form under the glass and around the edges. The only way to stop it was to get a good screen protector.

Because the new A7 III screen is a touch screen, it means you have to be careful which screen protector you buy so that you don’t degrade the performance of the touch. The ExpertShields work great, they have a lifetime warranty and they don’t interfere with the touch functionality. I’ve been using these on all my cameras for years. They actually honor their lifetime warranty too which is great.

ExpertShield Crystal Clear – Amazon

ExpertShield Glass – Amazon 



Best SD Memory Cards Sony A7r III, A7 III

The Sony A7rIII has a completely new memory card buffer and hardware to write to UHS-II memory cards. The camera however only offers one UHS-II memory card slow. Those shooting in backup mode will see no benefit from using UHS-II memory cards because slot 2 only supports UHS-I memory card speeds.

I’ve tested all the most popular memory cards in the Sony A7r III and have listed the results on the page below.

Best Memory Cards Sony A7r III

Best Memory Cards Sony A7 III

Each card is tested in camera in order to find which cards performs the best.



Best Batteries For The Sony A7 III, A7r III

The Sony A7rIII and A7III have an all new battery. Finally! I think they gave up on that gimmick of full frame mirrorless cameras being smaller and lighter and finally realized people care a lot about battery life. 

The Sony A7rIII and A7III use the same batteries as the Sony A9.

Update: 3rd party batteries no longer work correctly with the Sony A7III, A7rIII and A9 cameras. You will get a message “The operation and safety of this battery cannot be guaranteed. Continue use?” See how Sony Firmware 2.0 kills third-party batteries.

You can still use the batteries, but you lose the battery indicator charge numbers.

Official Sony NP-FZ100 Li-Ion Battery

The official Sony NP-FZ100 battery is much larger than previous models but it also has a significantly higher capacity of 2280mAh. The previous models only had 1020mAh. 

With the new Sony Z battery you’ll be getting over twice as much power as before. It would seem the pathetic battery life in the Sony A7 III cameras is a thing of the past.


Wasabi NP-FZ100 Battery

Best Third Party Sony Z Batteries by WasabiCurrently not 100% supported by camera since firmware 2.0.

Wasabi has released a new NP-FZ100 battery for the Sony A7III, A7rIII and A9. The first batch of these batteries had some compatibility issues which is why you see lower scores on the reviews. Wasabi has updated the battery to fix the compatibility issues but there could still be a few in the wild. I’ll have this kit in a few weeks to test. In the United states, the Wasabi batteries are your best third-party option. If you’re in the UK, take a look at the Watson batteries.

I’ve had problems with third-party chargers in the past. If your batteries start to give you any issues, try cycling them in the camera, or in a Sony charger a few times and discard the charger.

You will need a good USB wall plug to use this as a wall charger.


RavPower NP-FZ100 Batteries

Best Third Party Sony Z Batteries by RavPower

Currently not 100% supported by camera since firmware 2.0.

One of my favorite third-party batteries is now available for the new generation of Sony cameras. RavPower makes a nice dual NP-FZ100 battery charger that comes with two batteries.

The RavPower batteries are really nice and the charger that is included is also fantastic. I’ve never had any issues with their products in the past. They have a fast charge technology that will charge both batteries in five hours. Why Sony didn’t include quick charge with their cameras or grip is beyond me.

Unlike the Sony multi-battery charger or the vertical battery grip which can take up to 10 hours to charge both batteries via the underpowered USB-C, this charger will charge both batteries at the same time in 5 hours. This kit might be the fastest way to charge Sony Z batteries and the price really is unbeatable. You will need a good wall adapter to get a fast charge out of these.

Full review coming soon!


Rav Power Quick Charge Wall Charger

RavPower makes the best wall charger. This wall charger has the option for Quick Charge for supported devices, or iSmart which will determine the best rate to charge your devices. You will not beat the price and the quality of RavPower products. Anker also makes some nice stuff, but I use RavPower because they also make batteries and chargers for Sony.


RavPower Battery Bank

RavPower Battery BankThe RavPower Battery Bank has QC 3.0 but also iSmart. While the Sony A7r III isn’t quick charge compatible, the iSmart capabilities will make sure you sustain power at the proper rate. I’ll mount one of these to my tripod when I’m shooting video for a long time or doing long exposure landscape photography. It’s significantly cheaper than the NPA-QMZ1K and holds more power. Plus you can use it for other things like your phone. It also has a USB-C port.

I’ve linked to the one that includes the quick charge wall adapter which is very similar to what’s listed above.




Sony A7rIII, A7III Battery Chargers

The NP-FZ100 require their own charger and there are a few official options from Sony. It seems some people are still having some issues with third-party chargers with the new Z batteries, so I recommend having at least one official Sony charger.

Sony BC-QZ1 Battery Charger

Sony BC-QZ1 Battery Charger For Z Batteries

The Sony BC-QZ1 has a universal 100-240 VAC Power adapter and can charge a single FZ100 battery in 150 minutes. This is included with the Sony A7rIII along with one battery.


 Sony NPA-MQZ1K Multi Battery Adapter Kit

Sony NPA-MQZ1K Multi Battery Adapter KitThe Sony Multi Battery kit holds up to four batteries for and will charge them in 480 minutes. You can also use it to extend the life of your camera by using it as a portable battery bank or AC adapter. It even has some mounting holes so it can easily be mounted as part of a video kit and includes two spare FZ100 batteries.




Vertical Battery Grips

See my review of the VG-C3EM Sony A7r III / Sony A9 Battery Grip.

Official Sony VG-C3EM Vertical Grip

Sony A7III vertical Grip

The Sony A7 III and A7rIII use the same vertical battery grip as the Sony A9. This gives you access to two batteries instead of one for double the battery life. The grip also has a few of its own function buttons and a shutter button. It’s build with an all magnesium alloy weather sealed body and the grip and textures perfectly match the Sony bodies.

To charge the batteries in the grip, you have to charge through the camera’s USB port and it can take about 10 hours to charge both batteries. 5 hours per battery.

The grip includes a compartment for the camera battery door which will help prevent you from losing it.

With this grip, I find I can casually shoot street photography for several days before needing to charge. Keep in mind, having two of these massive Sony Z batteries plus the grip will significantly add weight to the overall setup.


 Meike Vertical Grip For the Sony A7 III, A7r III, A9

Meike Vertical Grip For the Sony A7 III, A7r III, A9The Meike battery grip for the Sony A7III has all the same functionality as the official Sony grip. It’s not weather sealed and the overall materials do not feel or match the official Sony grip perfectly. I personally use the Sony grip but have used these third-party battery grips in the past. They’re not bad and are especially nice for video shooters that need more power and don’t necessarily care about matching the ergonomics or rubber texture of the Sony camera. 




Sony A7III Cases

There should be a lot more cases and grips coming from third-party accessory companies. I know JB Camera design always has some nice stuff, as does Gariz and Kaza Deluxe. 

Gariz Sony A7 III Half Case

Sony A7rIII leather half caseGariz makes a great affordable leather half case for the Sony A7rIII. I like their cases because of the metal base that allows the camera to still be securely mounted to tripods. This helps prevent the base of the camera from getting scratched up from tripod plates but also ads some extra grip and protection to the camera body.



Lim’s Sony A7 III Leather Half Case

Sony A7rIII leather half caseThe Lim’s leather half case is a great alternative for the Gariz half case. I personally like the Lim’s case a little more and this is actually what I used on my Sony A7rII. They use to have a nice machined aluminum base but it looks like they’ve updated the design slightly.




Sony GP-X1EM Grip Extension

Sony GP-X1EM Grip ExtensionFor large hands the Sony GP-X1EM grip extension adds some extra grip to make holding the camera more comfortable. Only problem is it makes it so you can’t set the camera flat on a table or use a tripod.




Sony A7III Remote Triggers

There aren’t a lot of great options for remote triggers by Sony but there are a few I have been using that get the job done. I found I use this less now that the Sony A7r III can have a count down timer with bracketing. You can of course always use your smart phone.

Vello FreeWave Plus Wireless Remote Shutter Release

Vello FreeWave Plus Wireless Remote Shutter ReleaseVello FreeWave Plus wireless remote shutter release is a nice option to trigger your camera remotely. It uses a 2.4 GHz radio frequency instead of IR, so you can wirelessly trigger your shutter from any location and any angle around the camera. You can even press the shutter half way to focus and you can control the duration of the shutter in bulb mode remotely.


 Foto&Tech Shutter Release

The Foto&Tech shutter remote is what I’ve used for the last few years. It is an IR remote so it requires line of site to the IR sensor on the Sony camera. When outside, you will need to reach around and aim the remote at the IR sensor on the front of the camera. When indoors it usually works even when behind the camera.

A remote shutter isn’t something everyone will need as most landscape photography works great with just a countdown timer. But, if you need to trigger your camera from a distance and are in line of sight of the front IR sensor, these work great and I have used them for years.

You can also use this remote in Bulb mode. The shutter will remain open until you trigger the remote again. This is very useful for long exposure photography but you’ll need a separate timer and you’ll have to manually close your shutter.

To use a remote, you will need to enable Remote Ctrl in your camera settings. It’s on page 3 of the Setup tab.




Camera & Sensor Cleaning Accessories For The Sony A7r III

6-Pack Micro Fiber Cloth

Micro Fiber cloths get dirty very easily and then instead of cleaning up oil and grease from our lenses, they will smear it around. This is why it’s important to always have some clean cloths on hand. I like to buy the 6-packs because they will last me an entire year before I need new ones.

To get better life out of your micro fiber cloths, don’t use them on your rear screen since that’s what your face touches. Use a screen protector then clean your LCD with your t-shirt.


Rocket Air Blower


The Rocket Air blowers are essential for quickly cleaning your camera gear. I also use them to clear off any dust from my lenses and UV filters as well as my sensor. An air blaster should always be your first choice when it comes to cleaning off your sensor and lenses.


There are a few sizes of the Rocket air but I’ve found for mirrorless cameras any size works fine. I have the large and the medium sizes and would probably just go for the medium if I was to buy them again.

Make sure you always give a few blasts before using it on your sensor to clear out any debris, especially if you have kids or dogs. My toddler got a hold of one of these once without me knowing once and it left a nice surprise on my lens the next time I used it. So be careful.


 Sensor Brush

Every so often some dust will stick to your cameras sensor that you can’t get off with the Rocket Air. The next best way to clean your sensor is with a sensor brush. Never touch you the bristles of your sensor brush and give it a few blasts with the rocket air before use and you’ll be good to go. I keep a sensor brush in its plastic bag while in its tube and carry it in my camera bag at all times.

The brush I use is by Dust Patrol. It’s very high quality with a wooden handle and is made in Germany. I’ve used it for many years and can’t recommend it enough.



Sony A7rIII and Sony A7 III Lenses

I’ve put together a complete list of every Sony E-Mount Lens. You can find any and all of the official Sony E-Mount lenses for the full frame bodies in this list as well as all the available third-party lenses.



Sony A7r III Replacement Parts

Sony FDA-EP18 Eyepiece Cup

If you end up losing your eyecup for you Sony A7III or A7rIII this is the official replacement. I have confirmed that this eyecup works for the Sony A7r III and A7 III.





Must Have Accessories For The Sony A7III, A7r III | Conclusions

These are some of the best most used accessories for the Sony A7III and A7rIII. There are a few other accessories by SmallRig and a few more cases but they are more specialty items and I haven’t tried them out yet. I’ll keep reviewing new accessories as I find them and update here.