Must Have Accessories Fujifilm X-T100

Must Have Fujifilm X-T100 Accessories

A compiled list of all the best and most useful accessories for the Fujifilm XT100. Use this guide to find the best batteries, memory cards, screen protectors and camera flashes for your Fujifilm X-T100.


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Best Screen Protector For The Fujifilm XT100

ExpertShield is my favorite brand for screen protectors. They claim to have a lifetime warranty, but guess what? They actually honor it. I’ve personally used their warranty a few times same as a friend of mine. Some brands claim a warranty but you end up never being able to contact them. ExpertShield is my recommendation for this great reason alone.

Best Screen Protector Fujifilm XH1ExpertShield Screen Protector Crystal Clear – Amazon
ExpertShield Anti-Glare – Amazon
ExpertShield Glass – Amazon



Best Fujifilm XT100 Batteries

The XT100 takes the same battery as the rest of Fujifilms non-compact cameras, the NP-W126S. 

The NP-W126S batteries are the best batteries for the Fujifilm X-T100, but if you’re looking for a nice spare, Wasabi makes the best third-party batteries.

Fujifilm NP-W126S

Best Battery Fujifilm XH1The official Fujifilm W126s runs efficient, cool and won’t cause any lockups due to heat or lack of power. This is the battery that comes with your XT100 and should be your primary.

AmazonAdorama / BHphoto


Wasabi (2-Pack) w/charger 1450mAh

Best Battery Fujifilm XH1Wasabi is a California company that uses Japanese cells in their batteries. They are the best third-party battery for Fujifilm cameras and they are also a great fairly inexpensive alternative to the official Fujifilm battery.




Battery Chargers & Accessories

The XT100 does not come with a battery charger, only a wall adapter to charge your camera via USB. I recommend charging your battery with an actually charger, or at least getting a battery bank as a buffer. Power surges in some parts of the world can quickly destroy your gear if plugged into an unprotected wall. A battery bank works as a great buffer if you don’t have a surge protector.

You can also charge your batteries with the charger that comes with the Wasabi batteries if you choose to buy Wasabi batteries.

Fujifilm BC-W126 Battery Charger

Official Fujifilm Battery Charger

The official battery charger from Fujifilm for the NP-W126. The XT100 does not come with one of these, so if you have a few batteries that you need to charge, you might want to grab this.


 Right Angle Wall Plug Adapter

Fujifilm wall Plug right angle adapterI like to use these right angle wall plug adapters instead of the cable that comes with the BC-W126 battery charger. It makes everything more compact.




Best SD Memory Cards X-T100

We’ve tested all the most popular UHS-II and UHS-I SD memory cards in the Fujifilm XT100. We recommend going with UHS-I SD cards as they will give you the best results. See the full article here:



Terminal Protectors

Fujifilm Cover Kit

Flash Terminal Cover KitThe Fujifilm X-T100 does not come with a hot-shoe cover. If you need a hot-shoe cover the terminal protector kit for the Fujifilm X-T1 actually works great. I’ve purchased a few of these for my different Fujifilm cameras.




Fujifilm XT100 Grips & Leather Cases


Leather half cases have always been a great way to protect the finish of the camera while adding some extra grip, plus they look cool. I personally buy them just for the looks and grip.

Gariz Leather Half Case Fujifilm XT100

Leather Case Fujifilm X-T100Gariz has a few leather cases for the Fujifilm X-T100. The Gariz cases are made of genuine leather with a firm aluminum base. With this case, you can mount your camera to a tripod without having to worry about damaging the base of your camera, and the body itself adds some extra grip for those that want a little more to hold onto.


 Other Brands Cases

The Gariz is a nice high quality case. There are a few cheaper brands floating around that I’ve yet to try out and I can’t get them where I live. If the Gariz is a little more than you want to spend, check out one of these X-T100 cases.


KinokooAmazon – PU Leather



XT100 Camera Straps


The straps that comes with Fujifilm cameras aren’t the best. They are small, cheap and uncomfortable. 

I always buy additional straps for my Fujifilm cameras and here are a few of my favorite.


Best Handmade Leather Straps

My favorite leather strap are either the LeicaTime Deluxe strap, or the Tap & Dye.

Luigi’s Deluxe Strap

Lugicases leather camera straps(click Luigi’s straps on the left, then scroll down for a mile until you find some cool configurations. Buying from this website is a little bit like cracking the Mayan code, but it can be done). These are the best camera straps out there, period!


Tap & Dye Leather Camera StrapI’ve only used the Tap&Dye L E G A C Y leather camera fixed length neck/shoulder strap – Porter. It’s really nice. The strap comes a little stiff but once broken in with some nice patina, they’re are amazing.


Gariz Leather Strap

These are just decent leather straps but the price is hard to beat for leather. They are a little more compact than the above straps, but they look cool. They might be a little long for short people.





Non-Leather Straps

Leathers straps are usually expensive and if you’re just looking for a strap that’s better than what comes with the camera I’ve found a few I like.

Custom SLR makes some really nice stuff now and they even offer a leather strap. Their straps are also cool because they can connect to the bottom the camera with a C-Loop that allows you to take the strap on and off.

Custom SLR Slim Strap

Custom SLR StrapThe shoulder portion of this strap uses genuine top grain leather and has a slide and glide feature so you can adjust the strap on the fly. The strap portion is made from seatbelt grade webbing for extra durability.


C-Loop Mini

C-Loop camera strap adapterC-Loop Mini is also made by Custom SLR. I actually bought there original C-Loop when it was just a kickstarter. Now they have a mini that’s much smaller and lighter. Perfect for mirrorless cameras like the XT100. I’m also good friend with the owners brother, a complete coincidence. 


 BlackRapid Camera Straps

BlackRapid camera strapSimilar to CSLR, BlackRapid makes a bottom-mounting strap that allows you to hang the camera upside down. The strap itself is made from very high quality nylon webbing.



Wrist Straps

I use a few wrist straps for some of my smaller cameras. I don’t really think they would be great on the XT100 unless you were using a pancake or smaller lens. There are only two wrist straps I’ve really liked so far.


Gordy's Leather Camera Wrist StrapI really like the Gordy’s camera wrist strap. They’re made from Latigo leather and are very high quality.

HardGraft Slide Camera Wrist Strap

Hard Graft Leather camera wrist strapThe Hard Graft camera wrist strap is one of my favorite wrist straps. Italian made with designer quality craftsmanship.

Gariz Wrist Strap

For smaller cameras like the X-T100 the Gariz wrist strap works great. I’ve owned a few of these for various mirrorless cameras.




Fujifilm XT100 Lenses

See the complete list of all Fuji X-Mount lenses. This includes all Fujifilm lenses as well as third-party lenses. It’s been recently updated it with all the kit XC lenses as well.



Fujifilm XT100 Best Camera Flashes

There are a few flashes by Fujifilm, some smaller, some more serious, as well as a few third-party camera flash accessories that even allow high-speed sync.

Of all these camera flashes, if you just want the best bang for the and don’t want to think about it, get the Godox TT685F. I use, it it’s awesome.

These the best camera flashes for those looking to start out with speed light photography without spending a ton of money on official Fujifilm gear.


Full Size Flash

Nissin i60A

Nissin i60A HSS capableThis is probably Nissins best flash for Fujifilm, or I should say the best value. It’s a fantastic flash, smaller lighter and more powerful than the equivalent Fujifilm. HSS capable and has the Nissin Air 2.4 GHz radio TTL system. Zoom Range: 24-200mm or 16mm with a diffuser panel. Flash duration – 1/800 – 1/20000 sec 

Adorama / BHphoto 

Nissin i40

Nissin i40 HSS capable

The Nissin i40 is a compact unit with TTL and HSS capabilities. 

Can be used with a zoom range of 24 to 105mm with a built-in diffuser that allows it to function at 16mm. The flash also has a small LED light for some very basic video work.


Godox TT350F

Godox TT350F Fujifilm Flash Full support for Fujifilm TTL with HSS and a built-in 2.4GHz radio system so it can be used as a radio TTL master/slave unit, or as an optical slave. Has a tilting head from -7 to 90° and can rotate 270°. If using the Godox XT1-F radio trigger, be sure to upgrade the firmware on both units to get all the features.


 Godox TT685F

Godox TT683 Camera Flash

The Godox TT685F is a TTL flash that is without a doubt the best bang for the buck speedlite for Fujifilm. This is also the only unit that has +- 5-stop of exposure comp with HSS. Build quality is good, but the instruction manual sucks.




Small Flash

You likely won’t need one of these because the X-T100 already comes with a built-in flash. However, if you want a little extra power, one of these might be worth looking at.

Fujifilm EF-X20 TTL

Fujifilm EF-X20 TTL Camera FlashA compact but TTL capable unit with a built-in wide-angle panel. Also can work as a wireless slave unit. 

Takes 2 AAA batteries and takes about 5 to 6 seconds to recycle.

Amazon / Adorama / BHphoto

 Fujifilm EF-20

Fujifilm EF-20 Camera Flash

A very compact flash for the Fujifilm XT100. Is TTL capable and takes 2 AA batteries, so expect a 4-5 second recycle time. With a tilting head, it’s an all around nice run and gun flash.



HSS Flash Adapters

These Flash commanders will allow you to use other brand flashes to utilize their HSS functionality.

Nissin Air Commander 1

Nissin Air Commander 1 For FujifilmNissin Air 2.4GHz TTL transmission system for the Nissin Flashes. High Speed Sync supported and fully compatible with Fujifilm cameras. Runs on two AAA batteries.

Adorama / BHphoto

Nissin Air10s Commander

Nissin Air10s Commander For Fujifilm Nissin Air 2.4GHz TTL transmission system for the Nissin Flashes. Same features as the commander 1 but more. High Speed Sync supported and fully compatible with Fujifilm cameras. Runs on two AAA batteries.


 Godox X1TF Transmitter

Godox X1TF Transmitter For FujifilmThe Godox X1TF Transmitter for Fujifilm works with the Godox speed lights. Together with the speedlite, these units are the best bang for the buck. The unit is a little bulky and will soon be replaced by something that looks more like the Air 1 commander. It takes 2 x AA batteries. Some complain that this unit and speed light need at least three feet of separation to function consistently.

Amazon / BHphoto




Aside from using Lightroom and Photoshop, if you’re a landscape, travel or HDR photography I highly recommend checking out Aurora HDR and Luminar. They have been game changers for me.


Cleaning Supplies

This is the basic list of camera cleaning accessories. Essentially the must have cleaning supplies.

Check out my guide on how to clean your camera sensor for even more cleaning accessories and techniques.

(6 Pack) MagicFiber® Premium Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Microfiber cleaning cloths

Great accessory for keeping your lenses and screens clean. After awhile these micro fiber cloths will accumulate oil from cleaning your lenses or rear screens and they’ll end up just smudging film around on the lens. This is why having multiple cleaning cloths is a must.


Rocket Air Blasters

rocket air lens and sensor cleanerThese are great for cleaning sensors or cleaning out those small cracks in the camera. In Japan where they don’t use dryers, lint gets everywhere and I take one of these everywhere I go.

Rocket Air Small – Amazon

Rocket Air Medium – Amazon

Sensor Brush APS-C

Fuji XH1 sensor cleaning brushSometimes you’ll need a bit more to get a stubborn piece of dust of your sensor. That’s when the sensor brush works great.




Best Accessories For The Fujifilm XT100 Conclusions

The Fujifilm X-T100 is a great little camera with fantastic capabilities. Adding a few accessories to personalize the looks can really make these little cameras fun to use.

You can also add accessories like camera flashes to expand the capabilities to do more professional work. There is really nothing holding you back with the X-T100 and you can do just about anything with the right gear. There are a few essentials like batteries and screen protectors that are must have items and the right cleaning gear is something every photographer should own.

I’ll continue to update this list. I’m still waiting for a few leather cases.