Best Memory Cards Fujifilm X-T100

Best Memory Card Fujifilm X-T100

A speed comparison between all the most popular SD memory cards tested in the Fujifilm X-T100. Use this guide to find the best memory cards for your Fujifilm X-T100.


Fujifilm XT100 Specs

Sensor: 24.2MP APS-C CMOS Sensor
Processor: Unspecified
Continous Shoot: 6 fps Shooting
Est. Buffer Size: 750MB
Memory Card Compatibility: UHS-I
Time To Clear Buffer: 9 seconds (Sandisk Extreme Pro)
Shots To Fill Buffer RAW: 19 (Sandisk Extreme Pro)

Fujifilm XT100 – Amazon / Adorama / BHphoto

Must Have Accessories Fujifilm X-T100



Fujifilm XT100 | Memory Card Speed Test


For an entry-level camera by Fujifilm, the XT100 performed very well in terms of memory card write speeds. The buffer is a little small and the continuous frame rate is a little low, but all-in-all performance was great with most of the cards.

I recommend going with UHS-I SD memory cards since the X-T100 does not take advantage of UHS-II technology.

Use the chart below to see which cards are best for your needs.

SD Memory CardsUSB 3.0 ReadUSB 3.0 WriteFujifilm XT100Order
Lexar 2000x272.7 MB/s244.5 MB/s69.04 MB/sAmazon
Delkin V90245.1 MB/s164.6 MB/s68.18 MB/sAmazon
Sandisk Extreme Pro 300263.2 MB/s233.4 MB/s68.15 MB/sAmazon
Sony G259.2 MB/s234.5 MB/s64.88 MB/sAmazon
Sony M253.2 MB/s91.62 MB/s64.05 MB/sAmazon
Toshiba Exceria Pro258.8 MB/s226.5 MB/s63.45 MB/sAmazon
Transcend290.2 MB/s182.1 MB/s63.31 MB/sAmazon
ProGrade166.7 MB/S64.54 MB/S61.33 MB/sAmazon
Adata V90256.5 MB/s231.7 MB/s60.67 MB/sAmazon
Fujifilm Elite II294.0 MB/s 181.6 MB/s59.04 MB/sAmazon
Hoodman Steel 2000x268.7 MB/s 183.9 MB/s57.87 MB/sAmazon
Delkin 1900X v60273.3 MB/s97.3 MB/s54.67 MB/sAmazon
Lexar 1000x147.4 MB/s78.4 MB/s53.08 MB/sAmazon
Sandisk Extreme Pro 280260.5 MB/s214.8 MB/s34.38 MB/sAmazon
Samsung Pro+ U397.5 MB/s87.3 MB/s64.25 MB/sAmazon
Sandisk Extreme Pro U398.6 MB/s90.8 MB/s63.78 MB/sAmazon
Samsung Pro U196.3 MB/s82.2 MB/s60.31 MB/sAmazon
Transcend U396.7 MB/s84.9 MB/s58.15 MB/sAmazon
Samsung Pro U397.7 MB/s78.6 MB/s57.11 MB/sAmazon
Sony U3 – Old Model96.5 MB/s84.5 MB/s53.33 MB/sAmazon
PNY Elite Performance U196.5 MB/s66.5 MB/s53.28 MB/sAmazon
PNY Elite Performance U396.5 MB/s66.1 MB/s50.48 MB/sAmazon
Sandisk Extreme Plus U399.0 MB/s64.4 MB/s49.89 MB/sAmazon
Lexar 633x U393.3 MB/s67.3 MB/s49.40 MB/sAmazon
Lexar 600x U195.4 MB/s64.8 MB/s49.10 MB/sAmazon
Sony U3 – New Model96.7 MB/s56.2 MB/s44.23 MB/sAmazon
Sandisk Extreme U372.43 MB/s54.1 MB/s44.05 MB/sAmazon
Kingston U398.1 MB/s90.4 MB/s37.30 MB/sAmazon
Delkin 633x U398.3 MB/s88.7 MB/s36.91 MB/sAmazon
Sandisk Ultra U199.3 MB/s36.1 MB/s25.17 MB/sAmazon
Samsung U1 EVO47.7 MB/s21.96 MB/s24.90 MB/sAmazon



Fujifilm X-T100 Top 3 Recommended Cards


Any card that runs at about 50MB or greater is what you’ll want. The brand choice won’t matter so much unless you’re looking for something specific or for a card that is compatible between multiple cameras.

Except – Samsung memory cards are a little bit thicker than the other brands and I found them rather difficult to get in and out of the camera’s memory card slot. So even though the Samsung cards perform very well and are great cards, I can’t recommend them for this reason.


Here is my list of recommended memory cards for the Fujifilm X-T100.


Sandisk Extreme Pro  64GB

This is the most popular card out there and is almost always one of my top recommended cards, especially for consumer UHS-I cameras. Sandisk has a great reputation and they really do make the best cards out there.

– Amazon / BHphoto


Transcend U3 64GB

Recommended Memory Card Fujifilm X-T100Transcend has been making memory cards for a very long time and they always perform very well. They usually aren’t as fast as the best Sandisk cards, but they are a great alternative.


 Sandisk Extreme Plus

Recommended Memory Card Fujifilm X-T100Sandisk Extreme Plus cards are almost always going to be the best bang for the buck. They don’t have quite the same speed output as the Extreme Pro cards, but for most people, the Extreme Plus is good enough.

Keep an eye on price with these cards, a lot of times you can find the Extreme Pro cards for less money.

– Amazon / BHphoto


Other Cards To Consider

For some reason Delkin and Kingston did not perform well in this camera. I’m not sure why, perhaps they did not have a great connection (dirty contacts). Usually both those brands perform very well in Fujifilm cameras, but who knows – the X-T100 has a different processor and different sensor.

PNY also produces a decent card. Sometimes they have some issues with quality control, but I haven’t had any issues with them yet.


What Size Memory Card Should You Get?

With the price of memory cards being so affordable now, I really recommend 64GB cards. With a 64GB card you can record a little bit of video and shoot for a few days without having to worry about running out of space. However, if you’re meticulous about clearing off your cards, 32GB is more than fine for the average user.


Where To Find The Best SD Memory Cards


Fastest SD Memory Cards For The Fuji X-T100


With counterfeit memory cards on the rise, you really need to be careful where you buy your memory cards. Adorama, BHphoto, Bestbuy, Samy’s and Walmart will always be your best option. Actual stores. Never buy a memory card off Ebay unless it’s from a trusted seller like Adorama or BHphoto. There are also rumors that counterfeit cards have made their way to Amazon, so to protect yourself, always double-check your cart and make sure the seller fulfilling the order is a trusted store.


Best Memory Cards Fujifilm XT100 | Bottom Line


With the Fujifilm X-T100 not having any crazy specs in terms of continuous shoot speed or buffer size, the memory card you choose isn’t going to make or break your cameras performance and you don’t need to go crazy on expensive UHS-II memory cards. I really recommend going with UHS-I cards as they are the best value for this camera and you’ll find one of the three I recommended to be more than enough for casual shooting.


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