Samsung Pro U1 SD Memory Card Review

Samsung Pro U1 SD Memory Card Review

The Samsung Pro U1 SD Memory card is a decent card from Samsung. It performs about the same as the Sandisk Extreme Plus except this card comes in a U1 variant. Samsung does have a U3 version of this card but it’s much more difficult to find. If you need a U3 Samsung card the Samsung Pro+ is the way to go as it is the best memory card from Samsung.

Samsung memory cards also have some compatibility issues with 4k or XVAC S video in Sony cameras. And since this card isn’t U3, it won’t be compatible with Sony’s advanced video codecs.

For casually shooting with any other brand like Fujifilm, Canon or Nikon, the Samsung Pro U1 card works great.


The Samsung Pro U1 UHS-I Memory Card Sizes

Samsung SD memory cards are sometimes hard to find. The U3 variant of this card is very hard to find and the U1 version is getting more difficult to find. Currently there is only one size available on Amazon of this particular card.

Memory Card Name64GB
Samsung Pro U1 SD Memory CardAmazon


Real World Memory Card Performance

While the Samsung Pro U1 is only a U1 card, it actually performs slightly better than the U3 model with USB 3.0 write speeds and some in-camera write speeds. With in-camera memory card speed tests, the card performs well.

Memory Card NameUSB 3.0 ReadUSB 3.0 Write
Samsung Pro U1 SD Memory Card96.3 MB/S82.2 MB/S



Speed Class: U1 / Class 10

UHS-I devices


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