Must Have DJI Spark Accessories

Best Accessories For The DJI Spark

A list of all the best, must have accessories for the DJI Spark to enhance the capabilities or safety of your quadcopter.

Before I get into this accessories guide I’ll list some of the bundles DJI offers which include most of what you’ll need.


DJI Spark With Controller

This includes the DJI Spar, the drone case, propellers, one battery and a usb wall charger with cable. No RemoteAmazon / BHPhoto


DJI Spark Fly More Combo

Comes with the DJI Spark, battery charger, extra propellers, prop guards, remote control, two batteries, case for the drone and a case for the accessories. The case for the accessories is actually really nice. – Amazon / BHphoto – The fly more combo on Amazon comes with a memory card.



Must Have Accessories DJI Spark

This this is a guide to all the best accessories for the the DJI Spark. I’ve tested a lot of these and will be testing more. You can really expand the capabilities or the safety of your DJI Spark with many of these accessories.

As a caution, I would be careful about loading your drone up with too many accessories. It will cripple your flight time and could cause serious stability issues in the wind.


Best Batteries For The DJI Spark

Official DJI Spark Batteries

Best Batteries DJI Spark

These official DJI Spark batteries allow for a 16 minute flight time with 12 intelligent protection features. They also have lights on the back that indicate charge capacity. 1480 mAh – AmazonBHphoto

Two-Pack – Amazon



Best Battery Chargers For The DJI Spark

You can charge the DJI batteries through the Spark itself with a nice wall USB wall adapter, or you can buy battery chargers. One thing to note, if your batteries are not charging, then take all the batteries off of the charger and let them cool down. DJI batteries will not charge if they are hot.

Official DJI Battery Charging Hub

Best DJI Spark Battery ChargerThis is the best battery charger for the DJI Spark. The USB ports and cables that come with this are pretty cheap feeling. Actually most of the DJI spark axillary hardware feel cheap, but I’ve been using this and it has no problems so far. The charging brick itself has two usb chargers built-in, so you could charge your controller and the Spark. The plate will charge three batteries at the same time. – AmazonBHphoto


FSLabs DJI Spark 6 In 1 Rapid Parallel Battery Charger

DJI Spark Battery ChargerThe FSLab 6 in 1 Rapid charger has been a popular battery from the Mavic and Phantom. Now it’s come to the Spark. It allows you to charge four batteries and has two usb ports so you can charge your phone and your remote control. – Amazon


FStop Labs DJI Spark Intelligent Battery Car Charger

DJI Spark Car Battery ChargerThey make a 3-in-1 car charger that allows you to charge two batteries and a usb device, and also a 2-in-1 that will charge just one battery and one usb device. – Amazon



Controllers / Remote Control Accessories

Unlike the DJI Mavic 2, the DJI spark controllers don’t have detachable thumb sticks so packing and storing the controller is a little bit more difficult. It’s a good idea to get something to hold the controller sticks in place and there are a few nice accessories out there that do that.


DJI Remote Control For The Spark

Official DJI Spark Controller ReplacementThis the official DJI Spark controller replacement. DJI made it so you cannot use the Mavick controller on the Spark so you will need a separate controller for each drone. – AmazonBHphoto



DJI Thumb Stick Protectors

DJI Spark Thumb Stick Protector

There is just no good way of storing your DJI controller without something like this. These thumb stick protectors keep the controller safer when it’s in your backpack or in a carrying case. – Amazon


SKYREAT  Controller Thumb Stick Protector

Thumb Stick ProtectorAnother option for a thumb stick protector.

Fits both the Mavick and the Spark Controller. – Amazon



SKYREAT Aluminum-Alloy Foldable Extender 4-12″ Phone and Tablet Mount

DJI Spark controller ipad or tablet mountThis works on both the DJI Spark and Mavick Remote Control. It’s made of all Aluminum-Alloy. 

Snaps on in two steps with no tools required. – Amazon



Memory Cards

I’ve done a complete guide to microSD memory cards in the DJI Spark, testing all the most popular microSD cards individually inside the drone to see what works. Turns out every memory card I tested worked fine for me. You can see my guide here.

Best MicroSD Memory Cards For The DJI Spark



Propeller / Prop Accessories

I haven’t seen any propellers or prop guards worth buying over the official DJI brand items. I’m sure we’ll see some carbon fiber propellers for the DJI Spark soon. Although from everything I’ve been reading, using Carbon Fiber props offers no significant benefit.


Official DJI 4730s Quick Release Folding Propellers

Official DJI Spark Propellers

The official DJI propellers. Easy to release and fold away nicely. These are the same propellers that come with your drone.

1- Pair – Amazon / BHphoto

2 – Pairs – Amazon

Official DJI Prop Guards 

DJI Spark Prop Guard

 The prop guards have markings on them so that you can line them up for each prop. Don’t force them on, they should be able to easily snap on. If you’re using the correct guard on the right prop.

They are very lightweight, but will make the spark a bit harder to fly in the wind. Use them when you’re flying near trees and when you’re learning. – Amazon / BHphoto

Slazzy Finger Protection Guard

DJI Spark Finger ProtectorThe finger protection guards will allow you to more easily palm land and land your drone without slicing your fingers. I imagine this could affect some of the down force from the propellers as well as aero dynamics. – Amazon


DJI Spark Propeller Holder

DJI Spark Prop HolderHolds your propellers in place to keep them from scratching the body or moving around. This will allow you to not have to remove the propellers every time you transport your drone. – Amazon




Best DJI Spark Landing Gear

Landing gear is nice because it gives your drone some ground clearance for landing in rough terrain so the propellers don’t clip anything on the ground.

Keep in mind that using an attachment like this will affect performance in the wind. I personally always catch my spark out of mid-air.

With with most landing gear you won’t be able to use prop guards at the same time. However, I’ve posted some bundles below that have prop guards with foldable landing gear, or landing gear that works with the bundled prop guards.


Kuuka Landing Gear

DJI Spark Landing Gear SetLanding gear like this will help protect your propellers or even your hands when landing. This kit also includes some motor guards for when you’re transporting your drone without the propellers attached. – Amazon


CamKix DJI Spark Landing Gear

DJI Spark Landing GearCamKix usually makes good accessories. This is about as simple as you can get when it comes to landing gear. – Amazon




DJI Spark Lens Accessories

If you want to get more cinematic video with your DJI Spark you will need ND filters. There are a few nice options for ND filters that I’ll be reviewing, but for now I think Polar Pro really has been producing the best drone accessories out there.


Fstop Labs Gimbal / Lens Protector

 This clicks onto to the front of the Spark to protect both the Gimbal lens, and the 3d vision sensor.

This is designed to protect your gimbal and lens during transportation while in a case or backpack and is not meant to be used while flying. – Amazon


Polar Pro Prime Filters 3-Pack for DJI Spark

The Polar Prime Filter 3-Pack includes a 3-stop and a 4-stop ND filter as well as a Polarization filter. The ND-Filters will slow down your shutter which is only nice if you’re shooting video and you want it to feel slightly more cinematic. The Polarization Filter is nice because it will cut down some glare and reflections, which is great for photography and videography. Polarizers usually reduce light by around 1.5 to 2-stop. – BHphoto

Polar Pro makes a bunch of filters for the DJI Spark, however, I think most of it is overkill for what people will be using this drone for. If you’re interested you can find them all here.




These are all the best accessory bundles I can find for the DJI Spark, aside from the Fly More Combo that I listed at the top of this page.

As a caution, I would be careful about loading your drone up with too many accessories. It will cripple your flight time and could cause serious stability issues in the wind.


Kuuqa 5-Piece Accessories Bundle – Includes Prop Guards with Foldable Landing Gear.

This comes with Prop Guards with foldable Landing Gear as well as Finger Guard, lens protectors and controller thumb stick protector.

The disadvantage of this is you can’t use the landing gear or prop guards independently, they work together. – Amazon


Kuuqa 3-Piece Protection Accessory Kits for Dji Spark – Prop Guards + Landing Gear

This kit comes with Prop Guards and Landing Gear that can be used independently or together. It also comes with motor protectors. – Amazon



GuGeTech Landing Gear + Gimbal Cover + Finger Protectors

I wouldn’t use the Landing Gear with the Finger Protectors since you’ll either be landing the drone, or catching the drone. But it’s nice to have both so you have that versatility. – Amazon




Best DJI Spark Cases

I use the GPC Fly More case for my spark to keep everything together when traveling around. However, when I’m just going out to shoot locally I use the DJI hard case that came with the drone because it will fit in the laptop compartment of my camera backpack, and the controller fits nicely into a lens compartment. Then I just bring my three batteries and a The RavPower Quick Charge Power Bank just in case anything needs an extra charge.


Deyard Case Portable Hand Bag Carrying Suitcase for DJI Spark Drone

It’s not actually going to be waterproof because of that zipper, but it’s a nice hard case that will hold the Fly More Combo. – Amazon



GPC Compact Case For The Spark

This is the smaller hard-shell waterproof GPC case that just hold the drone, a controller and a few batteries and accessories. – Amazon / BHphoto



GPC Fly More Case For The Spark

This is the larger case for those that got the Fly More bundle. This is what I use to keep all my drone stuff together in one case. It’s waterproof and has a hard shell. – Amazon / BHphoto


Nanuk 905 Waterproof Case

A hard-shell waterproof case for the DJI Spark. This case will hold the basic kit. Comes in multiple colors – Amazon / BHphoto



Nanuk 915 Waterproof Case

A hard-shell waterproof case for the DJI Spark. The 915 will hold the DJI Spark Fly More Combo Kit. It also comes in multiple colors. – Amazon / BHphoto



MC-Cases Professional Carrying Case for DJI Spark

The MC-Case hard case holds the most of any case I’ve seen. If you have a lot of stuff this might be the right case for you. – Amazon





Must Have DJI Spark Accessories | Conclusions

There are quite a bit of accessories out there for this little quadcopter. I’ve posted all the best accessories for the DJI Spark I’ve used and can find, but I’m also waiting to post a few things until they are proven. For example you can get signal boosters for your controller which help extend the range, or there is that DJI headset, that’s some say is not yet ready for prime time.

As I continue to buy accessories and test them out on my drone, I’ll continue to update this list. I’ve you’ve found something you really like or if I’m listing something that just sucks, let me know about it.


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