Panasonic LX100 II Must Have Accessories

A detailed list of all the best accessories for the Panasonic LX100. Including screen protectors, batteries, leather cases, lens cover and a few cool extras.


Panasonic LX100 Essentials


Lumix LX 100 Screen Protectors

A screen protector is probably first accessory you should buy for the Panasonic LX100. Or any camera for that matter. I usually like the Expert Shield screen protectors since they have a lifetime warranty and sometimes come in matte. But the JJC screens are also fine and half the price.

The LX100 II now has a touchscreen so the screen protector will be different than LX100.

Expert Shield Crystal Clear Screen Protector

Best Screen Protector LX100 IIExpert Shield has three types of screen protectors for the LX100. Anti-Glare, Glass and Crystal Clear. Anti-Glare does reduce some of the clarity of the image, but cuts out glare.



Best Panasonic LX100 Batteries

The LX100 and LX100 m2 use a Panasonic DMW-BLG10 battery. While the official batteries are great, the best third-party battery for the LX100 are the Wasabi batteries. A California based company that uses Japanese Lithium cells.

Do you need more than one battery for the Panasonic LX100 II? It depends on how much you shoot. I’ve found that when I’m traveling and shooting on and off throughout the day, I’ll for sure go through one battery. I think for anyone that shoots moderately two batteries will be enough. If you’re shooting a ton of video with photos, you’ll probably want more.

Panasonic DMW-BLG10 Lithium Ion Battery Pack

Best Panasonic LX100 II BatteryThe Panasonic battery is rated at 1025mAh. For the LX100 the DMW is rated at is rated at 300 shots per charge and 340 shots on the new LX100 II which is a much more power efficient camera.


 Wasabi Battery Battery 2-Pack

Best Panasonic LX100M2 BatteryThe Wasabi 2-pack with a charger is a great value for the LX100 cameras. They have a slightly higher power rating at 1100 mAh.




Best SD Memory Cards For The Panasonic LX100

Really any of the newer SD cards will be fine on your Lumix, but you should check out my Memory Card Speed Test to see the absolute best SD memory card for the Panasonic LX100 and what I recommend.



Panasonic LX100 UV Protectors

Both the Panasonic LX100 and LX100 II have 43mm filter threads. There is the option to get the auto lens cap that can be purchased with a slim UV filter through Fotasy.

The official Panasonic Automatic Lens Cap does not allow for a UV filter.

If you go for the slim UV filter option, B+W makes the best UV protectors. I’ve always felt that B+W are a little higher in quality and that’s always my first choice. If you buy any UV filter make sure you get something that is multi-coated, this will reduce most glare.

B+W 43mm UV (010) MRC Nano Filter

Best UV Filter Panasonic LX100 IIThe 010 is slightly larger than the 070 filters. The Nano filters are the best, they have the best resistance to flaring but also stay cleaner longer and are easier to clean when they do get dirty.


B+W 43mm UV (007) Nano Filter

The B+W 007 Nano UV filter is overall a little more compact and lighter than the 010 filter. Resistance to flaring and dirt and water is just as good.


 B+W 43mm UV (010) MRC Filter

The B+W 010 MRC UV Filter doesn’t have the Nano coating so it won’t be as resistant to dirt and water, but it does do a very good job in protecting the lens and resisting flaring. This is the best value.




Auto Lens Cap

The Auto Lens covers attach to the front of the lens and close when the lens closes keeping it safe from scratches or dings. I’ve tried a few different Auto Lenses by JJC and Panasonic. I can’t get a UV filter working with the Panasonic Auto Lens Cap. I tried, it’s possible that a ultra thin UV filter exists somewhere, but the thin UV filter I own does not work.


Panasonic Automatic Lens Cap

Available at: Amazon

I’m personally like the Panasonic Auto Lens cap. It feels a little bit higher quality because the outer ring is made of aluminum where as the other Auto Lens Caps are all plastic, but, it doesn’t stay on as firmly as the JJC auto lens cap which snaps on. It’s not a huge deal, but I have had the automatic lens cap pop off a few times.

I can’t get a UV filter working with this auto lens cap but it may work if you can find an ultra slim UV filter. I’m In Japan and I can’t get access to a lot of filter out here to try out.

I’ve decided not to use a UV filter with my Panasonic LX100 II because I feel like the Auto Lens Cap protects the lens good enough when it’s not in use and I don’t feel it’s necessary when the camera is in use. The reason I use UV filters on a lot of my other lenses and cameras is to protect them because I don’t usually put the lens cap on immediately after each camera use. With the Panasonic LX100 and LX100 II the lens retracts and is protected by the auto lens cap automatically. 


JJC Auto Lens Hood

Available at: Amazon

The JJC Automatic Lens Cap is a nice inexpensive alternative to the official Panasonic DMW-LFAC1K. The Panasonic auto cap doesn’t stick out as far so you can’t use it with a UV filter. The cap itself is a bit slimmer. The JJC auto lens cap snaps into place and is much more difficult to get off once attached. The cap has a few more mm of clearance so you can use a slim UV filter without any issues.


LX100 Grips & Half Cases

There are a few grips and leather half cases for the LX100 now. I’ve been buying Gariz for most of my cameras because they include a tripod mount at the bottom of the case so you don’t scratch your camera up from the tripod base plate. I haven’t tried the new bamboo J.B. grips yet but it looks interesting.

J.B. Cameradesign Bamboo Grip CaseAmazon



Best Flash For The Panasonic LX100

I’m still doing research on a good small flash for the Panasonic Lumix LX100, it’s looking like this one here is pretty cool. 

Panasonic External Lumix FlashAmazon

Panasonic BMW-FL360L FlashAmazon



Wrist Straps

Gariz makes a pretty solid strap. I have two of them for a few of my cameras. I really like my Gordy’s and recommend them.

Hard Graft also makes some really classy straps that I love. 

Hard Graft Slide Camera Wrist – See my review

Gariz Leather Wrist StrapAmazon

Gordy’s – ( My favorite.



Straps And Accessories

If you want to attach your regular camera strap to your camera with a quick release, these little C-Loops are pretty cool. They also make a mini C-Loop. But the regular size will be fine for this camera.


C-Loop Mini Amazon

Black Rapid also has pretty good camera straps with nice quick releases. 

Black Rapid RS-7Amazon

Black Rapid RS10SCAmazon



Cleaning Supplies


Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Microfiber cloths don’t last forever. They’ll eventually get oil build up on them from cleaning your camera of finger prints and will stop being effective. At least that’s been my experience. 

I bought this six pack and they’ve been great.

The Amazing MagicFiber 6-PackAmazon



Rocket Air Blower

Air blowers aren’t as needed of an accessory for something like the Panasonic LX100 because the lens is fixed. But every photographer should have something like this. It’s useful in cleaning out dust that gets caught in small little spaces. Like where the lens connects to the housing. 

Giottos Rocket Air SmallAmazon



Camera Carrying Case

It’s still part of my life long quest to find the best bag for my cameras. I really like the Think Tank and Ona. Think Tank bags are pretty nice just to protect your camera form point A to point B. The Ona is more of a travelers package. You can fit a laptop etc.

The Think Tank comes in a few sizes. I use the mirrorless mover 20 and have also used the 10. The 10 is probably better if you only want to use it for your one camera. Although you could probably tightly squeeze two Panasonic LX100 cameras in the 10. They have a 5 as well. I personally use the Mirrorless Mover 20 because I like to carry more than one camera.

Mirrorless Mover 10Amazon

Mirrorless Mover 20Amazon

Ona – Amazon There are many designs so look around. I like the messenger bags.



Best Accessories Panasonic LX100 Conclusion

I’ll keep my eye out for more great gear. This camera really is the best fixed lens compact in my opinion and I think we’ll start seeing a lot more accessories for either the Panasonic version of this camera or the Leica version which is the Leica D-Lux Type 109. Hopefully I’ll have a version of one of these soon, but we’ll see.